How to describe the website optimization

1, maximum 76 words, words as not more than 76 words, the decision according to the index words search engine, website description about seize the center, instead of the tired. 7, a description of the contents of correlation, whether it is on the site of the title, keyword or description always and overall site content and location are closely related, has always been to the positioning of the site as the core of dot expansion. 4, describe not only attract, here I want to say that description does not want to bid, high CTR can achieve quality score, the quality of the website is through IP, PV and the bounce rate determined, if blindly through the magnificent description of improve click, the effect may be to let you down. 2, avoid keyword stuffing, highlighting the appropriate site keywords in the description is very necessary, this can better guide the search engine positioning website, but everything has a volume, otherwise it will be counterproductive. description (description), a simple introduction is the site, can be displayed through the search engine search page, and the site title and called the appearance of the website. ?The internal quality of 6, describe the choice of symbol, without reference to the corresponding symbols in the description of how to use, how appropriate, recommend the use of conventional, some strange and eccentric symbols do not use, also said in front of the description not only attract. The word is more, in order to describe to show, with half symbol suggestions. description set points for Keywords 5, position setting, set the primary and secondary keywords in the description of the position and the site keywords are closely related, more on the more important, you must set the title and keywords corresponding to position. What is the description of 8, selective set described here as an added: not all pages of the site will be set up page description and keywords, we only need to some important page. with the prominent role of desalination site title and website keywords, website description has played a tepid role, then the description to be important for 3, added extra words, when you grasp the word principle but still not in the title of the keywords you want to do can be fully displayed in the description and the type of keywords, which is fundamental in some website title and keywords in key word set a ranking of the reasons. website (content and structure) is a key element of website ranking, and search engine of this one judgment is locked according to users’ footsteps, and through the search engine users to access the site mostly through the appearance of the website click on the title, and the same as the site of the facade of the description there is no doubt very important.

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nets red, there is another pronoun – show, of course, show another purpose is famous, out of name, what use, of course, of great use, that is fund-raising. in the PE/VC circle, there is not a secret, that is on the scale, and then the management fees rose slowly, so as to prove himself very niubi. ? good or bad, let us look at the red net and investment logic. is not short of money investors transition network red, PE/VC Daniel what in the end what you think, is perhaps the usual work too seriously, a new wealth selection canvassing season is not to rely on the beauty of their Lara won votes, under the eye, active atmosphere, good for themselves, after the list of publicity yourself. Thus, a grand party in the spotlight, in full swing. obviously, they are not stupid, because they know the yen value and reputation is the core competitiveness, such as the X cattle investment since the introduction of Zhang Quanling to join, seems a All the world knows. who know X or cattle, when the investment meets the net red investment? Abstract: net red, there is another pronoun – show, of course, show another purpose is famous, out of name, what use, of course, of great use, that is fund-raising. In PE/VC circle, there is not a secret, that is on the scale, and then the management fees rose slowly, so as to prove himself very niubi. 2016, a big wave of net red and beauty began to hit the investment circle, earned the public eye. in addition to equity annual forum on the network red beauty par, some time ago maxed out financial circles of beauty as well as well-known network red Shen Mengyao, in the fund company roadshow was in front of China Everbright Bank show underwear, also lost a moral principle. earlier, calling, texting, emailing, and road shows were the most conventional ways to canvass. Later, swimsuit show, T show, star cheer. Later, analysts were more interested in writing poetry. Strength is not to be underestimated. Bo eyeball behind: well-known fund can raise at the same time, will also be broadcast and pushing investors to the red net under the spotlight, such as Zhu Xiaohu, Zhou Yahui and other investment become a new generation of network red circle. ! shlf1314 good search and ease of use has been welcomed by the majority of users, but in addition we often use the shlf1314 website, images and news search, there are many other search functions and search skills. If we make full use of it, it will certainly bring greater convenience. Here I introduce some very useful search skills, in peacetime search can be used in conjunction. by shlf1314 news, improve work efficiency

It was the A share first high share, today’s share price fell to 10.31 yuan, the controlling shareho

January 10, 2014 all pass education prospectus issued, at that time, Chen Chichang holding 20 million 666 thousand and 800 shares, the shareholding ratio of 31.89%; Lin Xiaoya holding 2 million 583 thousand and 300 shares, the shareholding ratio of 399%. After 2013 year, the 2014 annual capital reserve and Chen Chichang holdings, shares, Chen Chichang holds a full education 210 million shares, of which 171 million shares of restricted shares before starting, Lin Xiaoya holds 21 million 312 thousand and 200 shares, are starting to limit the sale of shares before. market is changing rapidly, and commodity exchanges are time sensitive. Only by running can we know the market information and find out the time before we can make a profit. looks down upon little Ben, wants to make a fat man, so he can never make a big fortune. Only from small to large, slowly Many a little make a mickle., step by step, and finally to climb the peak of wealth. these three issues, but also very likely is the cause of your problem of business failure, especially now entrepreneurs 80/ 90 majority, but a few people who need to adjust attitude and attitude to face all the challenges of the unknown. March 11, 2015, the general office of the State Council issued the "guidance" on the development of the public record space for promoting mass innovation and entrepreneurship, promote the deployment of innovative work of public business, public support, in terms of public services, financial support, financing mechanism. 3. blindly follows company will urge Mr. Chen Chichang and Ms. Xiaoya actively cooperate with the work related to the investigation of regulators, and in strict accordance with the regulatory requirements to fulfill the obligation of information disclosure. , the controlling shareholder of both companies have been investigated, whether it will become the last straw crushing all education? but behind the hot market, some entrepreneurs are hot headed, and the direction of deviation is also worthy of vigilance. Many entrepreneurs do not really innovative, and there is no solid business to do support, "foot watermelon skin, where to slide where it is," is bound to tumble. The in February 13th this year, all inclusive education before the start of the restricted sale of shares lifted, of which Chen Chichang may be lifted shares of 51 million 741 thousand and 500 shares, Lin Xiaoya may ban 5 million 328 thousand and 100 shares. Three days prior to the expiration of the restricted shares, all inclusive education will be announced arts high founder and CAO Cao Qitai said that entrepreneurship is not equal to open a company, you need to have a theme, a central idea, the mainstream value, first find these can start a business. entrepreneurial team successfully team a close call, it is less and less. Entrepreneurship is not looks so simple, the industry is not so easy to be subversive, full of blood into unfamiliar industry entrepreneurs, often frustrated in the survival stage adaptation. ‘s it pours, […]

Microsoft will be increased or not all browsers support instant search

According to [ according to the WinRumors website Tom Warren said, Microsoft will be the team is developing a HTML5 version of the site will be for the final version of the IE browser with the release of 9. HTML5 is a set of new website interactive elements of the standard, and the Flash Adobe is the standard of competition. Microsoft has become one of the main selling point of support for HTML5 IE 9. Apple, Google, Facebook and many other companies have support for HTML5. This site ] San Francisco March 7th news, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft is planning a Bing search engine adding instant search function. However, unlike the Google instant search launched last September, will be the version of instant search may not run on all browsers. Microsoft will release IE 9 and launch a public preview in Microsoft. Microsoft India team at micro-blog said the IE 9 release date is March 24th. However, the micro-blog will soon be deleted. IE 9 may in April at the Microsoft MIX conference released. reports, HTML5 version of Bing search engine will include instant search, allowing users to view their search history smooth animation, suspended above the Windows navigation (so you don’t have to scroll back to the top of the page to visit other places) and provide some kinds of search and slide animation.