Walk between white hat and black hat [gray hat Shanghai Dragon Technology]

2, for the website chain, the establishment of Links A: gray hat Shanghai dragon is equivalent to the effective white hat Shanghai dragon, white hat may be about 3 months or longer, but the black hat Shanghai dragon, likely to be K drop right greatly reduced. This is also a lot of Shanghai dragon ER frequently used Shanghai dragon technology. my personal understanding is more than the white hat search engine optimization, more standardized than black hat called gray hat Shanghai dragon technology. Although he is in the middle, but for a search engine is the most secure. 3, the website keyword bold, or false original article I use a word: all stand in the perspective of a search engine optimization belong to Shanghai dragon is white hat, white hat Shanghai dragon search engine technology to follow the guidelines of technology. I believe a lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice, never heard the word [gray hat] Shanghai dragon? Because most of the Shanghai dragon ER in this line soon, all know the black hat and white hat Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon of the two words right? Well, nonsense not say, the weather is hot, have no time to talk nonsense since we know the gray cap of Shanghai Dragon technology, so we should know what it is ? What is the ? ? What is the B: many of my friends have asked? The gray hat Shanghai dragon there is no harm? I said above, the black hat Shanghai dragon, right down K chance is small, that is to say that he is a risk. As for the white hat, his weakness is not stable in general, the white hat Shanghai dragon to do up the rankings, basic probability of falling is very small. The black hat for ranking effect is relative not so fast, if the industry is grey black hat Shanghai Dragon technology might have ranked in just a few days, and grey hat Shanghai dragon but unable to do so. 1, many novice often in Shanghai Longfeng website each layout so as to improve the site keywords, keyword density. the so-called gray hat Shanghai dragon, refers to the middle ground between white hat and black hat, the white hat, will take some tricky way to operate, because such behavior is not illegal, but also do not follow the rules, is a gray area gray hat Shanghai Longfeng advantages ? then gray hat Shanghai dragon what he from the above explanation we noticed two words one way and not illegal, so that our gray hat Shanghai Dragon technology is a very good way. ? gray hat Shanghai dragon according to the interpretation of Shanghai encyclopedia official love: many friends want to faint, these are not what we often do? Yes, this is the gray hat Shanghai dragon, then what is the white hat Shanghai dragon

Love and cooperation between Shanghai and Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau will develop a ne

Zhu Guang, vice president of the Shanghai love scene said, love Shanghai is a technology driven company, has always wanted to change people through technical means, to connect people and things. But by the power of Shanghai love to safeguard the interests of Internet users is an utterly inadequate measure, so with the city of Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau cooperation to better serve the public. (Aruhan) Party A Party B to support the independent development of enterprise credit management services, to promote the social capital of enterprise credit management mode of governance of the overall process. According to In addition to [TechWeb] October 12th News reported today, love Shanghai and Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau officially signed a cooperation agreement, under the agreement, Beijing City Administration for Industry and Commerce (hereinafter referred to as Party A), Beijing love Shanghai Netcom Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Party B) will cooperate in the implementation of enterprise credit management and application of a new type of vertical search engine technology. application, the priority development of a new generation of "subject (e-commerce site) vertical search engine"; timely research "object (goods, services) vertical search engine"; choose R & D "behavior (illegal clues) vertical search engine; vertical search engine optimization operation. vertical search engine , a variety of products will access the Party A Party B. Party A Party B will help the network service product launch, the gradual release of Beijing enterprise exception list, and other enterprise credit management information. love cooperation between Shanghai and Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau will develop a new generation of e-commerce site The new technology of , in addition to the content of cooperation, both parties can also in e-government, consumer protection rights and public services, in a planned and step-by-step manner to carry out specific cooperation.

How to make a reasonable website website ranking stable rising power

in the chain: the site within the chain is difficult to modify, relative title, inside the chain involves the collection of the entire site, can be said to modify the failure is a site of death come on, so the chain modifications must follow several principles, if you do not, then do not to move your site within the chain, 1 is in the chain can easily skip changes, such as before A/B/C, can not be directly modified for A/C; 2 is in the chain can not modify the modifications have been included in the chain link; 3 is modified to delete too many links, generally 5 branches of a standard. Title: current state change of a web site is not an easy thing, if you want to modify the title of a web site, then you should follow three principles, 1 is the title words also reduced by modification; 2 is the title changes less also; 3 is to modify the title can not be divorced from the previous the title, if you can not do this, then don’t just move your site title, otherwise it is too late. Many webmaster friends heard the website this place feel a headache, want to change and worry about the site search engine drop right. In fact, the site reasonable revision not only will not affect the site’s ranking, it will let the website search engine to give the new approval, the weight of the website, the website combined with my own experience to talk about how to make a reasonable website, website ranking rising power. A website must meet several factors before the revision, if the elements are not able to meet, so don’t revision of the website. The 1 is whether the site snapshot stalled for more than 15 days, the 2 is whether the site is included in this article are declining, the 3 is the site of the long time does not change the ranking. If your website is one of the three cases, it can be revised on the site, or don’t do anything. The following specific talk about how the site reasonable revision. station in what place revision of the website, it is very important to modify the title of the site is the chain or web page or web site, these need to clarify ideas. If your website is a snapshot of a problem, then modify the title of the site is the best solution, if your site is included in the chain problems, then on the website of the revision is a good way to solve, if your website is ranking problem, so the website comprehensive modification is necessary, according to the different sites on the site for different revision is the webmaster must determine the line of thinking, or a careless loser. page: Web pages and the user experience are closely related, because many web page and did not get the user’s attention, therefore modify the page of the website is a necessary […]

The search engine is the key to the cognitive degree of website optimization

1, the search engine overall cognitive 4, the chain chain = positioning, core keywords users find the word is the site of the ninety percent, can bring the flow of words. Each set of "should be more or less secondary key words, such targeted layout, is your site keywords ranking is highlighted. Determine the core keywords will determine the basic framework of the website, then page description of the core keywords and auxiliary words are to be included as a search engine, so as to show the user. Analysis of the core keywords with commonly used tools, love Shanghai index. content is king Theory: the website content is the key to a website, in your page is not beautiful, navigation is not clear, but the content of the website is the main catch, catch the main users, to seize the user you can grasp the traffic and revenue. search engine to a keyword index classification, to capture it in the database of permutation and combination. Keywords is the core of a website, if it is determined that the core, then your website structure, website content to around this core, easy search engine recognition, user search. 2, cognitive search ranking has several important aspects: on the website structure, website design, website content, internal and external links, user experience. These are the search engine to determine the basic aspects of the site, but also the user to determine several key sites, that is to say each link site, we have to treat their children as treatment site. The combination of these factors, is the site of the so-called weight, improve your weight, ranking the search engine will give you good. 3, page optimization website internal link is very important to obtain the website ranking, the ranking, the more accurate link. The link is website and network > Keywords The stage is the largest civilian network search engine, web site traffic website also included most sources of search engine. So the search engine has become a platform for users to obtain information, how to make good use of this platform, Shanghai dragon er must understand the search engine, can improve the site’s traffic increase website income. search engine is the most important place in the title of the page, if not your keywords page, no description does not matter, as long as there is title, then the search engine on the understanding of this page. The content of the page, not only to the user, but also to the search engine, try to combine your keywords and content, the principle of choosing keywords on the left. When necessary, the keyword or keyword plus links to optimize. Has established the core keywords and auxiliary words, so I can link to the page keywords, consideration is rich in content, so as to improve the weight of a single page. The weight of a single page to improve the overall weight, help to improve the website. Keywords

The new version of journey to the west by the people feeling a few key points in the process of opti

four, Shanghai dragon saseng: need not rash three, eight quit: optimization to proper rest in a long period, full of thorns on the road from the main, the soul and the dominant figure is Tang Seng unremittingly. He knows what to do, what to do next, in order to guide members to success. Who says the optimization path is not that? We can say this, obtain ideal ranking as the canon. We firmly believe that only for the optimization of their own strength, and persevere unremittingly finish our ranking targets to make our optimization airness, get this is success. recently set up to 60 Zhang Jizhong version of journey to the West has ended in the major TV, and for the perception of the evaluation of netizens have mixed. Of course, I also followed a few episodes. The story of spindle or Tang four, hardships, finally made Canon airness, which of course compared with the old version of a lot of innovation. May be their own occupation sensitivity, after the journey to the west after the author thinks that the key figures on several major really reflects the optimization of some key information in the process of. In the following I will analyze from the optimization result got several characters. two, Wukong: Shanghai dragon cannot do without the execution of , Tang Seng: Shanghai dragon unremittingly mentality said no, his impression should be less. Because he has no interest in the skill is not lovely, always be scanty of words. But we can be found in the whole process from Tang’s philosophy is the most Shaseng for support, he is in charge of the luggage, steadfast, tepid to complete their tasks. This trait is required in our optimization process, in the optimization. experience is a difficult process, the way out to resist the intrusion of hold demons and ghosts, but also lonely. Because of this role in the whole journey on the way, only to let the whole process become less boring to learn. For the optimization process, the author thinks that we should make proper rest, don’t put the optimization as a boring work, if you are staring at a computer screen, a mechanical type with the content and the chain, then I think you optimize the road certainly not far away. So in our optimization process, we should stop, appropriate activities, listen to music, take a walk, take a rest.   Wukong a demon slayer, as a way of escort to the great most. And to complete the escort role from its powerful capabilities and key execution. In our ranking of the whole site optimization process, we will hear such a warning is execution to high frequently. Indeed, even if we are a optimization expert, optimization of a lot of experience, if not a key execution, the theory is empty. The