How to describe the website optimization

1, maximum 76 words, words as not more than 76 words, the decision according to the index words search engine, website description about seize the center, instead of the tired. 7, a description of the contents of correlation, whether it is on the site of the title, keyword or description always and overall site content and location are closely related, has always been to the positioning of the site as the core of dot expansion. 4, describe not only attract, here I want to say that description does not want to bid, high CTR can achieve quality score, the quality of the website is through IP, PV and the bounce rate determined, if blindly through the magnificent description of improve click, the effect may be to let you down. 2, avoid keyword stuffing, highlighting the appropriate site keywords in the description is very necessary, this can better guide the search engine positioning website, but everything has a volume, otherwise it will be counterproductive. description (description), a simple introduction is the site, can be displayed through the search engine search page, and the site title and called the appearance of the website. ?The internal quality of 6, describe the choice of symbol, without reference to the corresponding symbols in the description of how to use, how appropriate, recommend the use of conventional, some strange and eccentric symbols do not use, also said in front of the description not only attract. The word is more, in order to describe to show, with half symbol suggestions. description set points for Keywords 5, position setting, set the primary and secondary keywords in the description of the position and the site keywords are closely related, more on the more important, you must set the title and keywords corresponding to position. What is the description of 8, selective set described here as an added: not all pages of the site will be set up page description and keywords, we only need to some important page. with the prominent role of desalination site title and website keywords, website description has played a tepid role, then the description to be important for 3, added extra words, when you grasp the word principle but still not in the title of the keywords you want to do can be fully displayed in the description and the type of keywords, which is fundamental in some website title and keywords in key word set a ranking of the reasons. website (content and structure) is a key element of website ranking, and search engine of this one judgment is locked according to users’ footsteps, and through the search engine users to access the site mostly through the appearance of the website click on the title, and the same as the site of the facade of the description there is no doubt very important.

shlf1314 search skills 9shlf1314 alerts help you watch competitorsNo contrast, did not hurt China Ve

nets red, there is another pronoun – show, of course, show another purpose is famous, out of name, what use, of course, of great use, that is fund-raising. in the PE/VC circle, there is not a secret, that is on the scale, and then the management fees rose slowly, so as to prove himself very niubi. ? good or bad, let us look at the red net and investment logic. is not short of money investors transition network red, PE/VC Daniel what in the end what you think, is perhaps the usual work too seriously, a new wealth selection canvassing season is not to rely on the beauty of their Lara won votes, under the eye, active atmosphere, good for themselves, after the list of publicity yourself. Thus, a grand party in the spotlight, in full swing. obviously, they are not stupid, because they know the yen value and reputation is the core competitiveness, such as the X cattle investment since the introduction of Zhang Quanling to join, seems a All the world knows. who know X or cattle, when the investment meets the net red investment? Abstract: net red, there is another pronoun – show, of course, show another purpose is famous, out of name, what use, of course, of great use, that is fund-raising. In PE/VC circle, there is not a secret, that is on the scale, and then the management fees rose slowly, so as to prove himself very niubi. 2016, a big wave of net red and beauty began to hit the investment circle, earned the public eye. in addition to equity annual forum on the network red beauty par, some time ago maxed out financial circles of beauty as well as well-known network red Shen Mengyao, in the fund company roadshow was in front of China Everbright Bank show underwear, also lost a moral principle. earlier, calling, texting, emailing, and road shows were the most conventional ways to canvass. Later, swimsuit show, T show, star cheer. Later, analysts were more interested in writing poetry. Strength is not to be underestimated. Bo eyeball behind: well-known fund can raise at the same time, will also be broadcast and pushing investors to the red net under the spotlight, such as Zhu Xiaohu, Zhou Yahui and other investment become a new generation of network red circle. ! shlf1314 good search and ease of use has been welcomed by the majority of users, but in addition we often use the shlf1314 website, images and news search, there are many other search functions and search skills. If we make full use of it, it will certainly bring greater convenience. Here I introduce some very useful search skills, in peacetime search can be used in conjunction. by shlf1314 news, improve work efficiency

It was the A share first high share, today’s share price fell to 10.31 yuan, the controlling shareho

January 10, 2014 all pass education prospectus issued, at that time, Chen Chichang holding 20 million 666 thousand and 800 shares, the shareholding ratio of 31.89%; Lin Xiaoya holding 2 million 583 thousand and 300 shares, the shareholding ratio of 399%. After 2013 year, the 2014 annual capital reserve and Chen Chichang holdings, shares, Chen Chichang holds a full education 210 million shares, of which 171 million shares of restricted shares before starting, Lin Xiaoya holds 21 million 312 thousand and 200 shares, are starting to limit the sale of shares before. market is changing rapidly, and commodity exchanges are time sensitive. Only by running can we know the market information and find out the time before we can make a profit. looks down upon little Ben, wants to make a fat man, so he can never make a big fortune. Only from small to large, slowly Many a little make a mickle., step by step, and finally to climb the peak of wealth. these three issues, but also very likely is the cause of your problem of business failure, especially now entrepreneurs 80/ 90 majority, but a few people who need to adjust attitude and attitude to face all the challenges of the unknown. March 11, 2015, the general office of the State Council issued the "guidance" on the development of the public record space for promoting mass innovation and entrepreneurship, promote the deployment of innovative work of public business, public support, in terms of public services, financial support, financing mechanism. 3. blindly follows company will urge Mr. Chen Chichang and Ms. Xiaoya actively cooperate with the work related to the investigation of regulators, and in strict accordance with the regulatory requirements to fulfill the obligation of information disclosure. , the controlling shareholder of both companies have been investigated, whether it will become the last straw crushing all education? but behind the hot market, some entrepreneurs are hot headed, and the direction of deviation is also worthy of vigilance. Many entrepreneurs do not really innovative, and there is no solid business to do support, "foot watermelon skin, where to slide where it is," is bound to tumble. The in February 13th this year, all inclusive education before the start of the restricted sale of shares lifted, of which Chen Chichang may be lifted shares of 51 million 741 thousand and 500 shares, Lin Xiaoya may ban 5 million 328 thousand and 100 shares. Three days prior to the expiration of the restricted shares, all inclusive education will be announced arts high founder and CAO Cao Qitai said that entrepreneurship is not equal to open a company, you need to have a theme, a central idea, the mainstream value, first find these can start a business. entrepreneurial team successfully team a close call, it is less and less. Entrepreneurship is not looks so simple, the industry is not so easy to be subversive, full of blood into unfamiliar industry entrepreneurs, often frustrated in the survival stage adaptation. ‘s it pours, […]

Microsoft will be increased or not all browsers support instant search

According to [ according to the WinRumors website Tom Warren said, Microsoft will be the team is developing a HTML5 version of the site will be for the final version of the IE browser with the release of 9. HTML5 is a set of new website interactive elements of the standard, and the Flash Adobe is the standard of competition. Microsoft has become one of the main selling point of support for HTML5 IE 9. Apple, Google, Facebook and many other companies have support for HTML5. This site ] San Francisco March 7th news, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft is planning a Bing search engine adding instant search function. However, unlike the Google instant search launched last September, will be the version of instant search may not run on all browsers. Microsoft will release IE 9 and launch a public preview in Microsoft. Microsoft India team at micro-blog said the IE 9 release date is March 24th. However, the micro-blog will soon be deleted. IE 9 may in April at the Microsoft MIX conference released. reports, HTML5 version of Bing search engine will include instant search, allowing users to view their search history smooth animation, suspended above the Windows navigation (so you don’t have to scroll back to the top of the page to visit other places) and provide some kinds of search and slide animation.

Walk between white hat and black hat [gray hat Shanghai Dragon Technology]

2, for the website chain, the establishment of Links A: gray hat Shanghai dragon is equivalent to the effective white hat Shanghai dragon, white hat may be about 3 months or longer, but the black hat Shanghai dragon, likely to be K drop right greatly reduced. This is also a lot of Shanghai dragon ER frequently used Shanghai dragon technology. my personal understanding is more than the white hat search engine optimization, more standardized than black hat called gray hat Shanghai dragon technology. Although he is in the middle, but for a search engine is the most secure. 3, the website keyword bold, or false original article I use a word: all stand in the perspective of a search engine optimization belong to Shanghai dragon is white hat, white hat Shanghai dragon search engine technology to follow the guidelines of technology. I believe a lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice, never heard the word [gray hat] Shanghai dragon? Because most of the Shanghai dragon ER in this line soon, all know the black hat and white hat Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon of the two words right? Well, nonsense not say, the weather is hot, have no time to talk nonsense since we know the gray cap of Shanghai Dragon technology, so we should know what it is ? What is the ? ? What is the B: many of my friends have asked? The gray hat Shanghai dragon there is no harm? I said above, the black hat Shanghai dragon, right down K chance is small, that is to say that he is a risk. As for the white hat, his weakness is not stable in general, the white hat Shanghai dragon to do up the rankings, basic probability of falling is very small. The black hat for ranking effect is relative not so fast, if the industry is grey black hat Shanghai Dragon technology might have ranked in just a few days, and grey hat Shanghai dragon but unable to do so. 1, many novice often in Shanghai Longfeng website each layout so as to improve the site keywords, keyword density. the so-called gray hat Shanghai dragon, refers to the middle ground between white hat and black hat, the white hat, will take some tricky way to operate, because such behavior is not illegal, but also do not follow the rules, is a gray area gray hat Shanghai Longfeng advantages ? then gray hat Shanghai dragon what he from the above explanation we noticed two words one way and not illegal, so that our gray hat Shanghai Dragon technology is a very good way. ? gray hat Shanghai dragon according to the interpretation of Shanghai encyclopedia official love: many friends want to faint, these are not what we often do? Yes, this is the gray hat Shanghai dragon, then what is the white hat Shanghai dragon

Love and cooperation between Shanghai and Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau will develop a ne

Zhu Guang, vice president of the Shanghai love scene said, love Shanghai is a technology driven company, has always wanted to change people through technical means, to connect people and things. But by the power of Shanghai love to safeguard the interests of Internet users is an utterly inadequate measure, so with the city of Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau cooperation to better serve the public. (Aruhan) Party A Party B to support the independent development of enterprise credit management services, to promote the social capital of enterprise credit management mode of governance of the overall process. According to In addition to [TechWeb] October 12th News reported today, love Shanghai and Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau officially signed a cooperation agreement, under the agreement, Beijing City Administration for Industry and Commerce (hereinafter referred to as Party A), Beijing love Shanghai Netcom Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Party B) will cooperate in the implementation of enterprise credit management and application of a new type of vertical search engine technology. application, the priority development of a new generation of "subject (e-commerce site) vertical search engine"; timely research "object (goods, services) vertical search engine"; choose R & D "behavior (illegal clues) vertical search engine; vertical search engine optimization operation. vertical search engine , a variety of products will access the Party A Party B. Party A Party B will help the network service product launch, the gradual release of Beijing enterprise exception list, and other enterprise credit management information. love cooperation between Shanghai and Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau will develop a new generation of e-commerce site The new technology of , in addition to the content of cooperation, both parties can also in e-government, consumer protection rights and public services, in a planned and step-by-step manner to carry out specific cooperation.

How to make a reasonable website website ranking stable rising power

in the chain: the site within the chain is difficult to modify, relative title, inside the chain involves the collection of the entire site, can be said to modify the failure is a site of death come on, so the chain modifications must follow several principles, if you do not, then do not to move your site within the chain, 1 is in the chain can easily skip changes, such as before A/B/C, can not be directly modified for A/C; 2 is in the chain can not modify the modifications have been included in the chain link; 3 is modified to delete too many links, generally 5 branches of a standard. Title: current state change of a web site is not an easy thing, if you want to modify the title of a web site, then you should follow three principles, 1 is the title words also reduced by modification; 2 is the title changes less also; 3 is to modify the title can not be divorced from the previous the title, if you can not do this, then don’t just move your site title, otherwise it is too late. Many webmaster friends heard the website this place feel a headache, want to change and worry about the site search engine drop right. In fact, the site reasonable revision not only will not affect the site’s ranking, it will let the website search engine to give the new approval, the weight of the website, the website combined with my own experience to talk about how to make a reasonable website, website ranking rising power. A website must meet several factors before the revision, if the elements are not able to meet, so don’t revision of the website. The 1 is whether the site snapshot stalled for more than 15 days, the 2 is whether the site is included in this article are declining, the 3 is the site of the long time does not change the ranking. If your website is one of the three cases, it can be revised on the site, or don’t do anything. The following specific talk about how the site reasonable revision. station in what place revision of the website, it is very important to modify the title of the site is the chain or web page or web site, these need to clarify ideas. If your website is a snapshot of a problem, then modify the title of the site is the best solution, if your site is included in the chain problems, then on the website of the revision is a good way to solve, if your website is ranking problem, so the website comprehensive modification is necessary, according to the different sites on the site for different revision is the webmaster must determine the line of thinking, or a careless loser. page: Web pages and the user experience are closely related, because many web page and did not get the user’s attention, therefore modify the page of the website is a necessary […]

The search engine is the key to the cognitive degree of website optimization

1, the search engine overall cognitive 4, the chain chain = positioning, core keywords users find the word is the site of the ninety percent, can bring the flow of words. Each set of "should be more or less secondary key words, such targeted layout, is your site keywords ranking is highlighted. Determine the core keywords will determine the basic framework of the website, then page description of the core keywords and auxiliary words are to be included as a search engine, so as to show the user. Analysis of the core keywords with commonly used tools, love Shanghai index. content is king Theory: the website content is the key to a website, in your page is not beautiful, navigation is not clear, but the content of the website is the main catch, catch the main users, to seize the user you can grasp the traffic and revenue. search engine to a keyword index classification, to capture it in the database of permutation and combination. Keywords is the core of a website, if it is determined that the core, then your website structure, website content to around this core, easy search engine recognition, user search. 2, cognitive search ranking has several important aspects: on the website structure, website design, website content, internal and external links, user experience. These are the search engine to determine the basic aspects of the site, but also the user to determine several key sites, that is to say each link site, we have to treat their children as treatment site. The combination of these factors, is the site of the so-called weight, improve your weight, ranking the search engine will give you good. 3, page optimization website internal link is very important to obtain the website ranking, the ranking, the more accurate link. The link is website and network > Keywords The stage is the largest civilian network search engine, web site traffic website also included most sources of search engine. So the search engine has become a platform for users to obtain information, how to make good use of this platform, Shanghai dragon er must understand the search engine, can improve the site’s traffic increase website income. search engine is the most important place in the title of the page, if not your keywords page, no description does not matter, as long as there is title, then the search engine on the understanding of this page. The content of the page, not only to the user, but also to the search engine, try to combine your keywords and content, the principle of choosing keywords on the left. When necessary, the keyword or keyword plus links to optimize. Has established the core keywords and auxiliary words, so I can link to the page keywords, consideration is rich in content, so as to improve the weight of a single page. The weight of a single page to improve the overall weight, help to improve the website. Keywords

The new version of journey to the west by the people feeling a few key points in the process of opti

four, Shanghai dragon saseng: need not rash three, eight quit: optimization to proper rest in a long period, full of thorns on the road from the main, the soul and the dominant figure is Tang Seng unremittingly. He knows what to do, what to do next, in order to guide members to success. Who says the optimization path is not that? We can say this, obtain ideal ranking as the canon. We firmly believe that only for the optimization of their own strength, and persevere unremittingly finish our ranking targets to make our optimization airness, get this is success. recently set up to 60 Zhang Jizhong version of journey to the West has ended in the major TV, and for the perception of the evaluation of netizens have mixed. Of course, I also followed a few episodes. The story of spindle or Tang four, hardships, finally made Canon airness, which of course compared with the old version of a lot of innovation. May be their own occupation sensitivity, after the journey to the west after the author thinks that the key figures on several major really reflects the optimization of some key information in the process of. In the following I will analyze from the optimization result got several characters. two, Wukong: Shanghai dragon cannot do without the execution of , Tang Seng: Shanghai dragon unremittingly mentality said no, his impression should be less. Because he has no interest in the skill is not lovely, always be scanty of words. But we can be found in the whole process from Tang’s philosophy is the most Shaseng for support, he is in charge of the luggage, steadfast, tepid to complete their tasks. This trait is required in our optimization process, in the optimization. experience is a difficult process, the way out to resist the intrusion of hold demons and ghosts, but also lonely. Because of this role in the whole journey on the way, only to let the whole process become less boring to learn. For the optimization process, the author thinks that we should make proper rest, don’t put the optimization as a boring work, if you are staring at a computer screen, a mechanical type with the content and the chain, then I think you optimize the road certainly not far away. So in our optimization process, we should stop, appropriate activities, listen to music, take a walk, take a rest.   Wukong a demon slayer, as a way of escort to the great most. And to complete the escort role from its powerful capabilities and key execution. In our ranking of the whole site optimization process, we will hear such a warning is execution to high frequently. Indeed, even if we are a optimization expert, optimization of a lot of experience, if not a key execution, the theory is empty. The

Analysis of love Shanghai promotion operation of the two accounts of the pros and cons of

, from the quality and quantity of keywords for the problem of low so the whole account structure of bbbbb account structure of AAAAA, improve the overall quality of the key words in the absence of the case, to increase keyword prices only kuzhongzuole. May increase the effective dialogue, but more likely to bring more invalid click. 3. new bbbbb operation of the newly added low degree of quality. This is the main reason. 2.bbbbb account contains 5000 keywords quality than the AAAAA low (this possibility is relatively small) 5000 words 10000 key words the first to show that the bbbbb of this account is new operating accounts, which all of the keywords bbbbb AAAAA contains all the account inside, but all the creative change, all of the optimization, a late ten thousand words, now the key word is the promotion of account for 15000, although the account structure has been optimized keywords and quality, but always dialogue and conversion rate did not exceed jnppx, sometimes adjust the price, the dialogue will rise, the cost will rise, presumably this is not people who want to do the bidding result. Keywords AAAAA key account for 5000, the number of accounts for 15000 bbbbb keywords. AAAAA this account gives people the feeling is always very calm, keywords that account is not much, only 5000 words, but the effect of the new account or specific conversion operation account bbbbb is better, at least from the business data see AAAAA talk much better. I want to contrast through an old account now to find out what causes for the account of the effect is not good? How to say, or from different aspects to make a contrast! It will obviously advantage and abuse potential. > 1.aaaaa for customers with more quality, more accurate. 4.bbbbb, before the high prices, and click the show too much, contains a lot of invalid clicks. So in order to reduce the cost of 5000 words before the show and click to less than AAAAA, of course also includes the quality of the key words of problem. conversion effectThe number of gossip is, we see the title bar, I use AAAAA and bbbbb two virtual love Shanghai promotion account as an example to analyze the two accounts under the same promotion for all the advantages and disadvantages of different products. Let me say one of their current account status: AAAAA from the point of view of the dialogue, the dialogue is more than bbbbb every day, from the word nature, bbbbb contains all the keywords AAAAA, so the result is:

By 301, 404, 500 pages to enhance search engine friendliness

!The two: 404 error page. but from a practical point of view, the situation is not so good in theory. The 301 work is still relatively slow, Jiangxi Shanghai dragon blogger company set 301 jump nearly half a year, Shanghai is still the lovely old domain in the front row, the new domain name is behind the old domain name. server, the database error is always unexpected, if these places first fault, and just search engine spiders crawl to the back page 400, it will be a bad impression to the search engine! How can we solve this problem? The 500 page is a good method. so the spiders do not have to eat cold-shoulder treatment, naturally a lot of friendly. article from Jiangxi Shanghai dragon, please indicate the source 500 page is a description of the hut page, it tells the search engine of the website there is a small and temporary technical problems, perhaps database error, perhaps website maintenance. when the user enters the wrong connection, will return to the 404 error page to the user, this page is to remind the user to set the address does not exist. nano film) 301 jump will tell the search engines, web site have been removed. Then the search engine will crawl on the new site, but also to the old site of the original connection and the chain gradually transferred to the new site, which means that the new domain name can get the weight of old domain name, which will affect the domain name change to a minimum. although this page has a lot of, but our common owners does not, we will talk about why you want to use these pages today, why use after can make our website to search engine friendly. everywhere!(welcome to visit 301 permanent redirect page also call 301 or 301 to jump, his role is to name the permanent transfer to another domain. Don’t underestimate this simple function, plays an irreplaceable role, in many cases such as: site to replace the domain name, web volume jump, more important is the 301 page for the web site of the Shanghai dragon. The address: 贵族宝贝www> to search engine, if a URL spider visit it returns to the 404 error page, then the spider will know this page does not exist, then no longer grab this page at the same time, the URL will be submitted to the search engine’s data center, which will remove the site from the index. said this simple knowledge theory, as for how to achieve to love Shanghai search, answer : 301 permanent redirect. three: 500 internal server error page.

The construction site of the chain optimization considerations

1. for Links, we need to check regularly, avoid the chain of each other is K or drop right, if appear drop right phenomenon need to delete the link and immediately; also exchange Links not only need to watch PR, still need to see the website rankings and included a comprehensive consideration. Friends of the chain when the chain of the most important part of the chain, so if some weight high website, the website is undoubtedly a good way. : first way about the chain release before we talked about, including the establishment of Links, forum, blog, quiz website and B2B network information release etc.. 2. forum, blog, quiz, B2B site outside the chain note: the forum released the chain is the best method in the form of soft hair, remember the chain do not use a large number of signatures bring, may be effective in a short period of time, long words will be search engine that is caused by the chain of garbage down right on the site. The blog promotion can use blog soft and blog comments released as the source of the chain, but the blog now has less benefit, because the utility is not need to pay attention to the best blog to release the soft soft Wen can be false original, try to avoid the title, because search engines can increase the chain, if not included no use in addition, the blog should be updated regularly, to increase the weight of the blog. Quiz website chain included most quickly, but the link is difficult, here I recommend YAHOO knowledge hall, now the chain is still relatively good operation. B2B website chain weight high B2B website as far as possible, because the weight of the B2B website there is no other way, it will be difficult but the benefit is included, released at the same time the chain can promote their own websites and products. 1. to avoid fancy number value quality, the release of the chain number is important, the key is to enhance the website ranking, but some of the garbage outside the chain but will be counterproductive, the so-called junk the chain is in some have been down right posted on the website of the chain, there is through the chain link farms established that link farm is a form of cheating was banned from the search engines, these operations will not only improve the site’s ranking will make the website by K. In addition if today released a lot, but tomorrow is not released, so disorderly operation but will affect the weight of the website. : then we need some operations to avoid the release of the chain: as everyone knows the chain construction is the key to the chain site optimization, the construction of good architecture is particularly important for Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the chain construction must conform to the correlation and universality, understand what needs long-term, what to avoid in the chain release, release process will encounter some […]

Talking about how to make the high quality the Chain Forum

The role of 2. is not to be able to find relevant forum free post construction chain? Of course not, first of all, some forum set up post or URL permission; secondly, to figure out the Forum Forum and can set up personalized signature. We should cherish the post ID for permission to set the weights of the forum, forum posts are often very high, it must look at the Forum on whether to support the individual signature, if supported don’t add links in the thread, the signature weights and post linking effect is almost the same. In addition the signature set also has the skill, such as the above example, if your site keywords flowers, will character signature set to "flowers" this is routine, but if your character signature is "flowers" the most beautiful? Obviously, the latter signature can bring traffic to attract click once you click rate is high, the weight of the corresponding signature will improve. Another important form of cannot be set for signature of the forum, this time must pay attention to the quality of the post, only high quality posts with URL in order to reduce the probability of being deleted. If your writing level is higher, can be more natural to URL or anchor text into the post. On the contrary, the writing level can be used behind the traditional article URL, marked "the reprinted annotated", even if this will be deleted and will not be ID, will not cause you originally released outside the chain of successful loss. in the construction of the chain in the Shanghai dragon do not have to elaborate, everyone knows the importance of the chain, but the chain is also the most headache, with the same content update the chain also need to adhere to, but the diversity and quality requirements of the chain need to spend more energy to achieve. The forum outside the chain chain is in the most accessible source of chain and important, because the webmaster free and interactive forum posting a lot of love to the forum outside the chain, but many owners often find a chain along with the increase of the Shanghai dragon effect is not satisfactory, in fact, although it is easy to get the chain forum but there are advantages and disadvantages, only pay attention to the ways and means to get outside the chain of high quality, the reasonable construction of the forum to talk about how the chain. 3. forum outside the chain of replies. You do not the chain of high quality posts, but in a higher probability of success, quantitative change will produce a qualitative change, so. 1. Construction Forum outside the chain is not easy to find a forum to send, but should pay attention to the relationship between the forum, for example, with flowers as the keyword website to flowers as the theme of the forum or the forum outside the chain effect more easily. Here, and everybody said a forum to […]

360 can give owners a ray of light is the key away love Shanghai share

The explosion of if the 1300 traffic is so, love Shanghai is still 8000, 300 Google, Sogou is 300, other search engines are 100, 360 and 1300. One of my site traffic is such a case, although the 360 has become the second largest search engine, but not around food love Shanghai’s market share, just wrapped food to some of the other search engine market share, such as the most serious injuries is Google, because the previous 360 default search engine is Google. Now the default search engine is 360, this is very powerful for Google shunt. For the love of Shanghai does not have any damage, because love is on the sea hao123. The 360 is to search to seize the traffic but it now believe that extending navigation, 360 search 90% is from the past 360 navigation. > for the webmaster if half of website traffic comes from love Shanghai, half of the traffic from other search engines, it is more reasonable, the only way to reduce risk is small, although that is not the love of Shanghai man, at least have to look at the Shanghai love face to act. But here I think everyone in 360 to a lot of traffic, 360 Chinese became the second largest search engine, it seems to us their uncle as webmaster. This is not simple, according to some of my website data show that 360 indeed brought some traffic, but the traffic is not worth mentioning the Shanghai than with love. But we also need to understand such a truth, the overall search engine traffic is constant. For example, your site has ten thousand IP, love Shanghai brought 8000, Google 1200, 500 and 300 brought Sogou, some other search engines. If 360 today brings you 1300 of the traffic, you see, 360 is really awesome, I became the site of second major traffic sources. But the 1300 is how to? 1300 of the traffic is not just come out, is put before the ten thousand flux redistribute it, which is to search the total flow, this value is the same.   these days, Shanghai dragon world news is the 360 finally entered the search engine, although just on the line, the data is not perfect, many people call. Zhou Hongyi did not like to push the mobile phone as a whoop and a holler and promotion, but very low-key on-line. Because of the ability to guide the flow of the powerful 360 navigation, 360 search within five days beyond the Google Sogou, second search engines become Chinese. Those who love Shanghai "persecution" years like the webmaster finally see a glimmer of hope, how many people will feel 360 is the webmaster like the star. This is like Liu Qiangdong micro-blog as "2012 years will be sent on behalf of sharing of Views: don’t put the egg in one basket, if a seller is 90% of sales are from Taobao, always in front of you stood a horse uncle; if in […]

Shanghai love website security testing tools upgrade on-line to remind the owners pay attention to s

The love Shanghai algorithm upgrade combat hyperlink for cheating, webmasters and Shanghai Longfeng workers has great influence. In the past by the black hat Shanghai Longfeng optimized website, will be very difficult to obtain the ideal rankings, even at risk of being black. Safety testing tool to upgrade again remind website security problems will also affect the user experience and search engine ranking, webmaster should be timely safety monitoring on site. webmasters: web search websiteWhen the > recently received feedback more webmaster, when it is discovered that the site in Shanghai love the search results in the display is black ("love Shanghai reminds you: this page may be due to the hacking of security risk"), don’t know where is black, unable to locate the problem remediation site, very anxious to repair the problem quickly, resulting in double search flow and loss of the user experience. So we to the website security testing tools have been updated, the new upgrade tool can detect the site was black with categories, including horse, fishing, fraud, illegal content, as well as these are black with repair advice, let the webmaster can solve the website security issues in a short period of time. The website was hacked seriously affected the website operation and user experience, also influence the search engine experience, solve the problem of black urgent, love Shanghai security alliance partners have tens of millions of malicious security access security database, search users love Shanghai. station network (admin5贵族宝贝) October 24th news: yesterday love Shanghai Webmaster Platform released the latest "super chain cheating algorithm upgrade notice. According to the analysis of integrated data and user feedback and the quality of stationmaster, again upgrade to love Shanghai anti cheating algorithms. The love of Shanghai system upgrade, the main object of attack for the intention of manipulating sites in Shanghai love search results ranking behavior by hyperlinks to cheat in the exams. Shanghai also made an example of love super chain cheating. Today love Shanghai Webmaster Platform website security testing tool to upgrade online, said the website was hacked will be reflected in the love of Shanghai web search influence website, to remind the owners to prevent. website was hacked in the love of Shanghai reflected in the webmaster site in Shanghai found love "search results show that there are risks, the preliminary judgment for the website was hacked, you are to query the detailed categories and recommended by the black repair tool position to help you solve the problem as soon as possible, when you lift the black state, love Shanghai normal test site after (take some time and system flow), the risk of web search results in the prompt will be cancelled. If the website was hacked, or black after the release of a large number of users such as hackers damage the contents of love Shanghai web search will also reduce the reflect of the site for a period of time, to avoid the negative influence of users from hacking websites. I hope the […]

The actual enterprise website user needs mining and Optimization Countermeasures

users concerned, naturally more click browse. Therefore, with the "where" Wuhan wedding photography on the search results, click more attractive. Look at the following example. directly with the keywords to do the home in front of the titile, the highest weight, at present they have done to the natural ranking the first, no doubt in the search for the word, web exposure more. Keywords not to do to love Shanghai to see, but to the user. When your website is in when confused period, what is not Jingxiaxinlai web users demand analysis. Today is divided into share, their wedding photography in Wuhan on the website of the user needs mining experience. website optimization how to use these keywords: high quality "where" the word is evaluation of keywords in the search results, ranking strong quiz website, love Shanghai library. There are some experience to share how to choose and how to judge the wedding photography shop. How to judge a studio is required from the service, customer service, customer service, environment, facilities, photography photographer and so on. A library, a quiz can meet this. 1. from the start, the user needs to master Keywords   analysis of the key words, turn to consider your site, you do the evaluation of relevant content? How do you use "where" these three words? Many friends will ask, I as a corporate Web site, the site is not a kind of dianping贵族宝贝, do not own their own assessment evaluation.   Keywords (2): the basic content of Shanghai dragon (1) increase the page click on ? understand the keyword classification, will need to continue on what kind of keywords is analyzed the key users. See the top of the search results, search Wuhan wedding photography, should be the most, is "where" Wuhan wedding photography, that is to say the most care about is how to evaluate the user or studio studio. 2. according to the formulated optimization strategy of is a constant topic of Shanghai dragon. The user needs the simplest explanation is that customers are what search words. For businesses, we can simply divided into two categories: one is the core noun words, such as "Wuhan wedding photography" "Wuhan wedding"; one is the service type of keywords, such as "Wuhan wedding photography which good" "Wuhan wedding photography recommended"; a parametric type of keywords, such as "wedding how much money" "wedding photography wedding photography" price "how much money". Keywords enterprise, can bring the actual flow and customers, so is three. It is just for the wedding photography, or mechanical, moving, education etc.. Keywords

Summarize the factors of love Shanghai area down the right site

Links is outside the chain of the most advanced, but the effect is the best, but from the Shanghai love down the right perspective, affect the perception of Links is the largest in Shanghai, the author once love database read too much Links will lead to negative effects, while the number of the Links website reached more than 50, at this point may have a certain impact, it is recommended that you webmaster exchange Links to around 25 to 30 old enough, at the same time we must carefully analyze the other website whether there exists the negative factors in the exchange time. recently about love Shanghai large area down the right site deeds are fired heated, almost every webmaster forums in the discussion, what is the cause of the site is down right? The site could not escape the robbery, but after a few days and nights of data analysis, and did not find what is what causes the drop right, even the hair is pulled out, finally calculate the following conclusions from the "Web2.0" in the anti spam strategy guide. Figure       from the text in which can be seen, Shanghai love the large area right down may be because the website exists in the contents of a large number of garbage, the site had been used to do large-scale column list layout keywords ranking, and the column content is in the part of the subject is not consistent in this regard may violate "Web2.0 anti spam Raiders guide", another point is the content of the site itself, the original and reproduced website may exist duplicate content too much, resulting in the ratio is 2:5, so almost all have been reproduced the contents covered in this later must be changed into the original than to reprint. about the garbage chain this I think is the most, do BBS signature links webmaster, reply to time no matter what posts to reply, but rarely in accordance with its website topics, the author think that in this respect also triggered the love Shanghai strategy mechanism leading to right down, another the released video site that is outside the chain, the author has on Tudou released a video in the title with a link address, because uploading this video to the web site outside the chain of night soared more than 200, the ranking immediately dropped a lot, may be judged as garbage outside the chain of love Shanghai. So, in the chain release must pay attention to, and not what places are free hair, may be in love with the sea as the chain of garbage and right down. fourth: cheating on &n> second: junk chain third: about Links : the first junk content

Site weight and ranking of

site weight and ranking of (not to be confused with website weight definition: the search engine to the site overall give some authority value (this is not a definitive data on the site), the overall authority of the assessment or evaluation of a web site, the higher the weight, the share in the search engine’s weight greater (more weight to search more) in the search engine ranking is better. Improve the site weight, there are hot words in the search engine to the site’s ranking, but also improve ZhengZhan flow, weight that the site in the overall evaluation and assessment, improve your trust so as to improve the weight of the website. The higher the weight, the higher authority, pay attention to its search engine is also higher. ) ) website architecture ) sixth, keywords ranking (whether there is a keyword in the search engine ranking on eighth, open directory weight influence factorsFirst, ninth, the content page (page content is rich, such as whether the user experience; for example, evaluation of relevant articles, popular articles, relevant text, recommended articles, keywords, site: want to improve website ranking, you need to improve your weight, improve the site weight factor that knew you can ascend, do, is very simple ranking you want, is the site of accumulation of website ranking, daily updates, website layout whether to cater to the search engine, for a new framework and the structure is carefully designed. fourth, website content (whether the search engine is love, why don’t I say the original article? Because sometimes the original search engine does not love, sometimes pseudo original is also a good method. , the weight is not equal to the first rank; (weight will be ranked, this is certain. )The integrity of the , second types of domain name website, tenth third, improve the overall weight of the site is conducive to the website (page) ranking. , the web server (eleventh to 24 hours of uninterrupted operation, fast speed, ) ) seventh, update frequency (daily updates, can see the website active, the spider to your site is much, can also see the snapshot, snapshot generally refers to page updates, website update, page snapshot update soon. A spider is. ) fifth, included the number (included to show a preference for the website, search engine weight high included, this is certainly the second, the weight is not to fall in love with the sea, according to the website of the overall situation of evaluation and assessment; Please note: third, import links (chain and Links) )

The enterprise website optimization should be refined and non

enterprise website of our Shanghai dragon practitioners can be said to be a very big cake. Then today, the enterprise website optimization way is not so easy. Do the optimization of many people, enterprises have a lot of options, the price is slowly down. So how are we going to guide enterprises to do the optimization? Think small and fine will be a way out. is prepared to stainless steel centrifugal pump as keywords, title home page keyword layout the first word is the word. If using the previous technique, then followed the words if the accumulation of lexical category vertical centrifugal pump, horizontal centrifugal pump and so on, this is not such a person, but with a performance of "our products are vertical and horizontal and single stage and multi-stage pipeline, anti explosion, so can be added to the stainless steel centrifugal pump, and can form different keywords, such as multistage centrifugal pump, centrifugal pump etc.. Because the word love Shanghai is a multi-stage, single stage centrifugal pump, and pipeline are different words. This is the homepage of Title writing. Similarly, page description is also such a form. The aim is to do not stack keywords. Because you listen to all of the tutorial is to accumulation several key words, and whether it is beautiful or beauty Lele BBS said or optimization, are added in the form of the main keywords. This form personally think it is a new form of keyword layout. Optimization of content what is small and fine? That is the enterprise stand not to do difficult key words, we can do something a little bit like long tail words, but the conversion rate is very high in the word. I received a business enterprise main station optimization orders, I gave him a centrifugal pump the love Shanghai index of 7, 800 words, people gave him a suggestion, why not curve optimization, stainless steel centrifugal pump, vertical centrifugal pump, horizontal centrifugal pump more long term this purpose? After a communication and he readily accepted personal advice. And in less than a month’s time, such words to love Shanghai home before 5. The stainless steel centrifugal pump as an example, analysis the individual is how to optimize. keywordBecause the 2, adding 1, select the in the products, and is centrifugal pump, stainless steel centrifugal pump products or the most relevant. There is a kind of form is to each centrifugal pump product introduction to list some of them out, thus formed the correlation of content. Because of the introduction of centrifugal pump products, must be related to the product. In technical articles also are writing some of the centrifugal pump installation, maintenance, use and so on characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, related articles, and polymerization of this article is a product and form a kind of content. Information, in order to make the site every day have a snapshot, necessary to add some contents, and product and technical articles are limited. And the whole dynamic of the pump […]