What kind of content is helpful for website development

1, starting from the theme of the site should grasp the psychological needs of consumers, the correlation index long tail word more able to do and play love Shanghai segmentation benefits, but also should be the current hot spots to improve the user eyeball attractive, which provides a favorable guarantee for us to bring new users. search engine algorithm with several adjustments and complete, whether the chain adjustment algorithm: "on the chain" of the original content or judgment, the judgment: "love" hit Haiyuan spark program. Indirect and direct show love Shanghai for content at neutral, content is very important, I believe we will not question. Here, more people will doubt: what kind of content is helpful for website development? The content of the website directly affect the overall development of the future, to fully reflect the value of the contents, we first need to understand what it is worth doing, it is worth to create. According to the author’s own experience to talk about personal thoughts, please also colleagues to join in, opinion is not good, please forgive me forgive. Application of 3, the soft, soft application is very important, the focus is to improve the soft skills, how to grasp the application of third party platform, between the two how to combine and use it to highlight the most favorable benefits. The application of soft Wen can reflect the basic information, such as web site name, address etc.. , can improve the content of IP 2, regularly publish thematic activities, special activities of both the interface and the theme is more original, with special activities in a way that is more conducive to the promotion, especially with the third party platform, can bring good traffic for a special page in a short period of time, improve the user access number, more able to transfer weight accumulation. In addition to the accumulation of time, the effect will be accumulated slowly and prominent in the late. An important index of   I want a website to obtain more success, in addition to the need to improve the user IP access number, also need to grasp the PV of the website, which is user browsing the page number, want to get the weight of the site, must also improve the website PV, improve the site PV the most direct is to improve the quality of the content, make the search engine more love. More trust. How to improve the creation of the contents of the PV two, the contents of the PV assessment of site value is IP, which is also called the user access number, need to pay attention to the transformation of the old and new customers, especially considering the evaluation after the user visits a website, which is ultimately to decide key indicators of the success of the web site, but for what kind of content can improve user evaluation, bring more IP for the website, more users? In this regard, webmaster friends seldom mention, share experiences. ? website […]

Website optimization to the left or right Public opinions are divergent.

When 2 arguments: Links more than 50 will disappear in Shanghai. Shanghai dragon really is a very detailed work for Links is definitely one of the highlights of the webmaster, must first see the chain and set each other, included bad station will be directly pass off. The second is the other party of the site and number of weight chain problems. The number of more than 50, basically does not have to get the possibility of exchange. But the days count, the old webmaster took out a website, Links hung 120, ranked love Shanghai, Google, soso, Sogou, Youdao five search engine home. 3 arguments: the long title is the biggest bane of website. As far as I know (not necessarily correct) the best length website title tag is not more than 32 bytes, the most should not be more than 64 bytes. Otherwise it will be recorded in the search engine blacklist. Never die ranking powerless. Unfortunately, Shanghai dragon in the world does not lack of talent, I saw someone in the group QQ in the operation of the title length exceeds 140 bytes. But most have very good ranking keywords. Startled eyes almost burst out. 1 arguments: the original articles for inclusion and ranking. The problem that is not much tangle of people, ninety-nine percent people were of the opinion that the original article is conducive to optimization and ranking, but also there are then one or two middle always killed at the halfway out, repeatedly stressed that the original acquisition and optimization effect is the same, and that is What one says is plausible. And come up with a seemingly very strong convincing. That is love in Shanghai in search of any one hot news, the same results of nearly one million. Logically speaking, the same content is very easy to cause the spider antipathy, but why is included so much? Only that is included with the original is not the original Never mind. tangled, tangled, tangled or. Pure novice do not need to tangle, because they do not understand, can only imitate others practice. Who does not need to tangle, because they. first contact Shanghai dragon is very curious, all day long bubble in some old webmaster forum to listen to the views, I almost see those so-called hematemesis share, I will follow the ideas of others to try something they’ve never done things, their experience, their means of operation, I that is right, always did what he was told to do, said absolutely not east west, said the dog never dare to scold others like chicken, footprints in the snow, walk every step carefully, for a long time, always feel the effect is not satisfactory, the popular online Shanghai dragon secrets what is true or false? This is my real experience, today, countless ideas published in millions of webmaster, I still can not listen to the who choice. It seems that everyone’s views are reasonable, but many completely different or even opposite views let me […]

Fuxing deep mining site of Shanghai dragon Title Keyword

therefore, before doing so, we must seriously study the website keywords, and now the network of Title keywords are many, but it remained at the theoretical level, such as key words neither too broad, but not so special; not only have the keyword search volume at the same time, the degree of competition and the key words; not only have the commercial value, but also satisfy people search habits. These points are right, but how should we know these words are not too broad, or too special? Next, your site keyword mining from the point of a step depth: usually chat, to learn from your colleagues, he will use what words to search in the search for something, ask them how to search, they use these words is the key you > Hello, I am lucky star, Shanghai dragon knows keywords web page title is the site optimization key, all of our optimization is focus on key words as the center to carry out the work, do within the chain, we should use the core keywords to do anchor text link chain, but also by the the title of the core keywords, appropriate keywords, can bring us more directional flow. But I found that when they do not care about the novice in website keywords, choose a optimization, 3 months for half a year, ranking did not give up, what effect, again as a stand, and no effect, and give up, has been caught in the cycle of 3, from the words of your competitorsSome people say that drop-down box, is that we love Shanghai in Google search, drop-down box pops up a list of keywords, search is the love of Shanghai Google search, in 10 related search terms in the lower display, will be the key words here are also added to your list of keywords in maybe a little loss, is the meaning of plagiarism. Keywords to see competitors is not difficult, open the opponent in the browser page, right-click, view the source file, the title position is the other keywords, collects the keywords to add to your keyword list. 2, from blurt out words on our website, we always say a few key words without thinking, put them down, don’t matter where, can write on paper, can also be written in Notepad, and then browse several keywords, continue to think about the words from the start what other words can be used to make the keyword. , 4 from the drop-down box and relevant searchWhat is the 1, from the mouth of your colleagues 1, from the understanding of our website keywordsBefore the collection site related keywords in our website, understand that the average person is how to use keywords to search using keywords is very important, understand people search habits, standing in the user’s point of view, the use of our website keywords.

Do Wangzhuan win-win cooperationPersonal webmaster Breakout foothold in the traditional industry

The traditional paid cooperation is your way to return commission cooperation with the downline. That is, from the downline where the Commission bonus, with a part of the Commission back to the assembly line. Let offline also quick income, paid to return. This will motivate the downline to perk up. Only offline active, you can earn faster and more, two, your earnings faster and more, to the next line of commission will naturally more quickly and more. This cycle, for you, is a good thing for your downline as everyone gets more benefits. reasons two: Internet giants involved less personal energy, time and technology is limited, so in the premise of a person alone, such as cloud storage and other advanced, high technology content and high investment industry should not be the individual stationmaster attack direction. On the contrary, personal Adsense should be based on some of the more traditional industries, such as web site navigation, portals and forums and other types of Web site, is the personal webmaster in the early struggle of choice. Compared to the forefront of the industry, these types of advantages of the site is: low cost, low technical requirements, more suitable for personal adsense.   therefore, no matter on the line or offline, it is only through good cooperation and reasonable commission system. You can make money faster and earn faster and more! sites are generally related to free and open source site program, which does not require the webmaster master high technology, such as DISCUZ and PHPWIND to build the forum program available, only need to master a simple website and graphic technology that can build into a beautiful, generous website. Personal webmaster struggle in the initial stage, not too much money, it is difficult to form a team to develop a project, the individual can save the province. one reason: cost, technology, China Internet development to today, more and more people such as the boat was soundless and stirless submerged in the vast Internet in the ocean. Facing the big Internet giant’s encirclement, how should individual stationmaster break through? Here, the author talks about the breakthrough direction of individual stationmaster for broad stationmaster. The premise of the intervention of is quick to pay and receive payment. There is only one way: pull down the assembly line. Quickly meet payment standards by extra referrals. Friends who pull out of the assembly line may experience it. Referrals are not good enough. Unless you have a similar way to the professional net Wangzhuan Wangzhuan station. So what to do? The best solution is to pay for it. believes in Webmaster take back commission system, for the assembly line, in the absence of the minimum payment standards for the project, you can receive returns from the line, it is actually received money. It must be something to be happy about. In this way can really enhance the confidence offline. Let the downline get involved more actively. ! reason three: the accumulation of a certain amount of […]

National day seven day flow the use of media network to find an opportunity

search engine has a characteristic, domain name age longer, giving higher weight. How many webmaster had saved a few old station, why don’t you do a few days short? Term for hot day seven day fast search, the author recommends the use of earned rankings, more than 1 years old domain name registration. And do not have to build a new station, long tail word can. : the superiority of the domain name three: serverThe started every holiday, national consumption will geometric fold increase, while the media is the best time of their product promotion. So as a webmaster, whether can take advantage of this opportunity, for their own income? Don’t just that old station maintenance and maintenance, the appropriate time to walk short-term is not bad. classification optimization formHow to ensure the two: the superiority of server has much effect, presumably this is not much to say. A stable server is the basic guarantee of achievement of the value of the site. At the same time, search engines give the server with a separate server division, the website optimization is really easy, there are a few stationmaster with independent IP server station? Good server, can ensure that the content is fast included, even if the show is not due to server problems, leading to not put snapshot. The content is the highest ranking in the shortest time? A few days of golden week, the construction of a new station is not realistic, unless you have a super cow optimization technology. If this site optimization, there are two. first before today’s topic, we must understand that in the National Day period, users are most interested in those topics: 1, movies and TV shows, each time the golden week is not the media users the opportunity to plunder? There has been a large dazzling, even in the cinema is also costly film purchase innovation high. 2, tourism, why every golden week, traffic will reach the peak? There are a number of people is a home, but also the "tourism" non minority, media promotion of crazy Tour online, not a profit point. 3, food and beverage, "the annual holiday syndrome" and ultimately, what food to eat? It is a topic of concern. 4, every holiday gifts, gifts of the people are not on the number, such as the optimization of "national day to send what gift must also can get a lot of traffic. 5, discount promotions, merchandise discount during the national day, seems to be in the hearts of people to practice every day, and the number of shopping is not a "National Day promotions? Dolly profits, but also allow users to choose the time to buy this time. at this time, the media advertising, Internet, TV, radio, bus, subway, without doing the hype, the user is bound to that information, online search, the webmaster can optimize this occasion a? How in a short time by the media Nellie strong propaganda, make beyond peer keyword ranking, we further analysis as follows:

Keywords maintenance should follow the first principle of stability after expansion

3, consolidate the ranking for a more long tail ranking produced is currently a number of keywords optimization up, we want to stabilize its ranking, can also find new keywords favorable layout, reasonable optimization, of course, from the background traffic data can be seen, many words are useless. " The When the 1, Shanghai dragon to continue their plan to ensure the keyword ranking keyword is the focus of Shanghai dragon optimization, Shanghai dragon er’s aim is to make the keywords to row up, so as to bring flow, bring benefits. In addition, the mining and layout optimization keywords medium-term target keywords keywords optimization and later continuous mining, in general this is a keyword done, while the most common station analysis is how to improve the keywords ranking, for the maintenance of key words later a few mentioned; the important task in the late maintenance is Shanghai dragon Er keywords. 2, data analysis continuous mining Er wrote a lot of Shanghai Longfeng scheme, only involves some improvements for diagnosis and analysis of website optimization strategy and keywords, there will be few maintenance this, when we keywords optimization up, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er began to relax on the net station management, the construction of a day is not the most concerned about the content and outside the chain, but the ranking of words, see whether the keywords ranking still keep good rankings when the ranking is, will relax their vigilance, when does not rank in the resume to optimize. In fact, this is a very appropriate optimization strategy for the late maintenance of keyword optimization that person should follow the first stable expansion principle, concrete can be divided into the following three ways: keyword ranking up, do not think that our optimization that has ended, in fact, optimization is an endless process, when keywords ranking up, we must first think, how to stabilize it, let it continue to maintain a good optimization ranking in the industry, can not easily be competitors therefore, ahead, we must in the optimization project involves keywords later maintenance tasks, arrange and edit the chain Commissioner, to update the content of the web site, outside the chain is synchronous, goal is to maintain the ranking of words. key mining in the optimization process is an ongoing process, unless the customer requires us to give him a few key words optimization rules, otherwise we should be looking to make their sites to produce more long tail keywords ranking, now found many friends "update the blind", has not considered this article can bring benefits, but not for long tail keywords to make the article, it is not effective for keywords ranking, website keywords later this piece, we must do the analysis of data mining, some high conversion keywords, which brings more keywords can produce orders.

A5 marketing the enterprise website optimization common precautions

two: design flaws in three: Zoupian Jian Feng team more business for a while, no write to share with you, A5 marketing in Shanghai Longfeng diagnostics business, more than 70% of the customers are business customers, the recent summary of what these customers typical optimization problems, station common share, A5 marketing (贵族宝贝admin5.cn) to help SMEs grow faster. is now the company, often only is the value of the pursuit of "external beauty" page brilliant, but doing, will be a self browsing "page", rather than the public website. some website home page is a pure flash page, what are not, for such enterprises, if you do not have enough brand influence, if not the product of the word, then keep it, otherwise the growth space is limited. The if you are not a webmaster, or Shanghai Longfeng researchers, it is not clear, the importance of the IP server, in fact, there are many website construction companies are using this, save construction costs, maximize the benefits to enterprise station construction, for example: site even if not in the first, it does not necessarily mean the site drop right, but in most cases is the basic right to be reduced. If your site is down right, the situation is recommended to check with the IP site, if there is such a situation as above, then check the weight on the IP station, if there were no obvious weight, or simply not a site has rankings, the IP is likely to have been punished. A5 marketing diagnosis, there are some sites: "remove the home page, all other sites are all the same TITLE title, the same keyword etc.." Or all of the title is the "company name" and did not do any product optimization, such sites, how to improve the ranking of : a hardware environment tomorrow and another optimization company said: "what are the optimization word? Now’s already eliminated" was not related to the choice of a large number of words to optimize. As the preceding days we do a travel website, then this website is an optimization company to optimize a "tourist route", enterprises is different from personal station: enterprise stand generally are relatively rich, willing to spend more money on optimization, even to do promotion. So the result of blind optimization of many companies, such as "listen to the optimization of the wind is the rain, today heard someone say: use this software group can improve the ranking, so we do not look at the negative problem of software, or simply do not think so much, as long as the ascending ranking is good ! ? For example: in the process of travel route > itself Although The key difference between

Estimation of the quality of exchange chain

! sixth, if the new station, the station optimization has the potential to be reasonable. As the saying goes, the veteran fight experience, new natural potential can only fight, because the strength is tough not ncessarily, so it is very important to optimize the content and potential and potential. special chain optimization: The industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure is second, other sites included rate must be high, at least more than 50%. The best is the second. Only his website is high, it will not affect your included, or to exchange a baggage back. optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked how to judge the quality of a chain, the PR value of optical test is totally impossible, there are several matters needing attention. When the exchange Links who received PR weight must be set aside to exchange the idea. Because Links is to promote a common development of the site conditions of the two sides, he promote both sides of your site and the correlation. third, website snapshot to new proposals within 7 days. user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience fifth, website age is of course the older the better, why, because in the increasingly fierce competition in the Internet era, to ensure their safety to survive is a very easy thing, that this site is at least a real skill, the exchange will not lose. secondsWebsite optimization Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended: first, we must look at the site is not legitimate, and related content. Because if not legitimate sooner or later was found to be right down, then he is not implicated in one. fourth, outbound links less, the weight is quite. No one should want for exchange instead of a lower weight. keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical website right down topics: : high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

Examples of website snapshot not update for keywords ranking volatility

dragon love Shanghai website snapshot stop in June 25, 2013, from then on the website home page keywords will not listen to the large range of fluctuation, were originally in Shanghai love home the first words, sometimes even by the wave to hundreds of meters away. Ordinarily these keywords are not index, the competition is not fierce, why there is such a big fluctuation? Website recently without modification, it is time to update, the chain construction is rhythmic, in order to avoid the suspect stopped exchange chain. Only the site of the snapshot stop, if the fluctuation and snapshot no relationship between keywords, the dragon that is unable to explain clearly, as shown in figure got a message from the dragon shape, the essence of website optimization in combat, love Shanghai rules announcement only play a guiding role. We based on a good grasp of the direction of the optimization of Shanghai love, don’t get bogged down in the details of the individual, but not simple understanding of the announcement of the algorithm. Shanghai love each announcement, represents a renewal of the algorithm, and the short word is impossible to explain, the webmaster can not fully understand. This requires in the website construction in the course of daily, with the actual test of all, a profound understanding of the meaning behind the announcement, in order to better layout next website optimization direction. the dragon from Shanghai and the rest of love snapshot site keywords fluctuations, two > in Shanghai official statement, had explicitly pointed out that the Baiduspider will grab the frequency of new content and website speed match, as long as continue to update the site every day by the amount of time the content of value theory, love Shanghai every day to change the snapshot. From which we can reach, update the site snapshot is largely love Shanghai think we often update is an important content of the page, if the content of the web site search engine that is of little value, even if the spider to crawl the web content, the snapshot is not necessarily quick update. After the launch of a series of algorithms in love Shanghai, the content of the site and the original degree of constant attention, has been hitherto unknown attention in respect of the value basis of the user experience of web content. Stop website snapshot, since less represents love Shanghai think the site not update the value of the page, not updating valuable pages, the weight of the website how to increase? Stop your site will most likely be beyond our competitors, thus causing the fluctuation of the web site keywords ranking. love Shanghai Lee in the official platform clearly pointed out that "there is no direct relationship between the" update frequency and the weight of the site snapshot, but most of the webmaster estimates are more or less skeptical. Before the dragon also believes that since the love of Shanghai Lee has clearly pointed out that, as Shanghai’s official […]

Escape from the black hat search engine cheating to promote the rankings of natural increase (two)

black hat Shanghai dragon cheating seven: content acquisition / acquisition / pseudo original tool ? we Links input words in Taobao will find many sellers will sell the link page, and this is what we want to say today content. Taobao can buy and sell links, but the webmaster when buying links is not felt generally lower prices? Generally dozens of sites a month only tens of dollars, that is a link to a site for a month to 1 yuan, in the end what is the use of this link The several forms of link / link / link factory farm farm 3, friends of the chain site itself is not reliable, many websites are Links station software piled up, often several months of this type of site will be K, the optimization of the website adverse. black hat Shanghai dragon cheating six: link / link / link factory farm farm many webmaster used to link the site as an inexhaustible resource, in fact a website also has its own accumulation, imagine if your site suddenly appeared a large number of links to no content this page will cause much damage to the site, and some owners to take the form of short-term interests, in the short term will cause a sudden increase in the link to the search engine in an illusion, but for a long time the illusion will naturally be recognized by search engines, so I still suggest to abandon this approach using webmaster link factory / link farms / link farms in this form as soon as possible, this method on the website of the damage is very serious, may lead to the site directly by K. recently started a collection of the wind, the numerous collected fiction website, website and so on, and some novel website and movie website in the early time ranking is good, what is the reason for the site’s ranking of 1, basically no correlation between this link, the website can only serve to increase the role of the chain. 2, these web page layout is complete, the search engine at the beginning of. ? 1, the site suddenly appeared a lot of content, let search engine surprised. 2, the link stability is not strong, a lot of the time of 1 months was 10 days after the purchase, there is no more links, suddenly disappeared on the site is also a blow. black hat cheating five links: Shanghai Dragon Trading continues to write search engine escape black hat cheating, to promote the rankings to naturally increase the next chapter in the article is mainly about the site keywords stack, hidden links and text, contact and exchange, optimize the page page hijacking several cheating method, let’s talk about several other cheating method, I hope that everyone in the future of Web site operators less detours.

Do you know Shanghai Longfeng station classification function

second a deep understanding of the product or service characteristics third as Shanghai, you know? In the role of classification. The station classification by many Shanghai dragon Er ignores its intention and action! Today is speaking about the classification in Lu station site in a crucial role! Prior to review the classification of existing station station classification is the existence of mind, is to allow users to more quickly find what you want, the most common is the number of Taobao station classification, classification of the huge scale of the seemingly complex but let us easily and accurately find the need. This is the original intention of understanding the classification station! We must make site classification belongs to us and can help users to find the meaning of its existence according to the search intention; classification classification of unilateral diversificationNo matter how detailed classification of unilateral is adapted to some users, but some users are still at a loss. There is no suggestion Lu Shanghai Longfeng Er unilaterally as diversified classification classification. For example, love Shanghai "Tianyuan round" we can see it has two completely different site classification for users to choose. The classification of this site taste why so designed, why there are two completely different classification, when you can understand the meaning of it when I believe you made a good distance classification station not far away. fastest allows users to find the desired, then you need to put the station classification on the obvious position, accurate expression of the meaning of each classification. Still use the above case "Tianyuan Huanya" website, as a user to log on the wartime first see station classification place, allowing users to find the fastest required. There will. old saying: the enemy awareness, only in-depth understanding of their products or services can be better to show to our users, for users to understand. Even their products do not understand how to classified according to their characteristics? No more write details for users to understand. So some people say that a life in charge of the competent Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng career most will dabble in three industries, want to understand an industry is the need of time, do not know how can we provide better products and services for fourth station classification of three elements of "fast, very accurate ? station is classified to a number of professional or easy? This problem does not depend on the webmaster, it does not depend on the leadership! Completely depends on the user access to web browsing, and create revenue is only for convenience users, they will have a good impression or come visit or trading to us web site. The cognitive analysis of this user will be able to find the answer is not one or two days, need long time observation and constantly sum up to adapt to the cognitive users to classify design. the first to analyze the user’s cognitive

A corporate website of Shanghai dragon ER in my daily work is how to do

the first work, the first thing is to analyze the website data changes. As a webmaster, our website is the first to ensure a good situation, the first thing is to check whether the site yesterday and the recent problems, mainly through the webmaster tools site analysis of recent data changes, we know that for optimization, in fact the spell is to optimize the degree accumulation, a new station to fast get the ranking is not very practical, it is more important in every stage of our strategy is to have good execution of this is the key. What is the basic data of the inspection purpose? Of course it is self-evident, through the change of the data can indirectly reflect the problems in the process of website optimization, generally focus on examination of the website, Links, included the number change, the chain growth rate, cnzz website statistics view site traffic and keyword search through these basic data analysis and so on, we to develop today’s marketing strategy, such as whether to change its strategy, whether to continue to adhere to the original operating plan. Only through data analysis, judgment and thinking we do the next step to better help. as everyone knows, as an enterprise webmaster, every day for his work has a clear plan and execution can let the enterprise website weight gradually increased, as a corporate Web site, the day has a clear and detailed process for their work, because the Shanghai dragon plan Er is the foundation of strong executive force is the key to our final win, the author detailed and we analysis, I a day of work is how to arrange the. third, update the quality content for the web site. About 10 p.m., I began to look for the quality of the website, the latest events reference website or company, write articles within, I generally like to write some Corporate Events articles, because many visitors are very love reading Corporate Events rich content, another writing is the starting point for keywords to optimize, write with users and spiders around favorite article keywords > second, write promotion soft start at 9 in the morning. I will write a few articles every day promotion soft Wen, mainly published in A5 station network, network owners for the more stringent quality requirements but the effect is relatively good, which is pure Shanghai dragon why technology sharing, exchange of experience, the forum is divided into very suitable for Shanghai dragon Er targeted learning Shanghai dragon, I found in the the process of writing, the writing can improve their ideas, make their own ideas more clearly to straighten out the optimization, released to other platforms can be obtained outside the chain of Gao Quanzhong and a large number of foreign traffic for the site, the author thinks that we write text in writing before conception, analysis the purpose of writing is very important, common the Shanghai dragon articles, site of knowledge and so on, their own areas of expertise […]

Fuzhou decoration company rankings included commonly used method

! love Shanghai in the grab site content, will direct the content stored in temporary database on the server, then the database for further processing through technical means to love endemic to Shanghai, including data classification, data archiving, "re rating and to web page ranking. , a first look at the tool principle of love in Shanghai sites are many of my friends want to have a good ranking, to help him bring brand effect and economic benefits better, website have included many webmaster may be very happy, also have more surprises, that is the site has many pages are included in the sea of love, but love is not on the Shanghai good rankings, or simply can not find this ranking, although not many, but I’m afraid no one will appear very depressed. Here we have to analyze why this is the case and the solution. is because the process is not just love Shanghai data screen will be included, but the state will have a period of time, and after screening the website can really enter the index database of love Shanghai in the ranking show, not through the screening of content will be deleted. two, the website not included or included. do XML site map, submit in Shanghai webmaster tools, 贵族宝贝baolaiyuan贵族宝贝/sitemap.xml in this process, there are a lot of repetition of the contents of web content and low quality will be directly removed, do not further filing, scoring and ranking, and finally into the index library, waits for the user to search keywords ranking show trigger. This is the format this explains why many people love Shanghai website is included no ranking, because love Shanghai believes that there are quality problems to your website, web page ranking and therefore does not give the opportunity to show, that there will be one step in the web is included and a snapshot for a period of time and then suddenly not included in the. recommend a tool here, that is love index query and crawl frequency in Shanghai webmaster tools, index query to reliable than site’s main domain results, a qualitative difference between the two. Through grasping frequency can be know love Shanghai every day to come to your site how many times, update the amount can be adjusted according to station frequency content. if you imagine Fuzhou decoration company 贵族宝贝wlzscl贵族宝贝/ in one month lifting hundreds of included, a serious look at the "Fuzhou decoration company rankings included the commonly used methods of" that included how much love Shanghai is not equal to the number of how many pages will index, included only preliminary treatment, during the index into library for some do not meet the standards "are removed, the number of the final index will always be less than the amount included in the first.

How do website love Shanghai and Google Shanghai Longfeng optimization

Optimization in the content of the is mainly related to the number of keywords in the content page appears, if more, it will increase the weight of the page, likely included increased, so sometimes the keywords way to attract a spider to crawl and included, but now this optimization method has become very dangerous that is easy to think of cheating, so the keyword density of the best control in about five percent, of course, it is best not to try to do, but let the keywords appear in the content becomes very natural for this, Google will have higher requirements for because webmasters for clients is the mainland, and Shanghai accounted for 70% of Chinese love market, so many webmaster of the site for first love Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization, while the rest of the 30% is basically dominated by Google, for a website, if at the same time to optimize the love of Shanghai and Google, it will give your site traffic to bring a lot of improvement, but because of the love of Shanghai and Google’s algorithm has some differences, but let the optimization performed at the same time get a bit difficult, but as long as you are willing to do the practice, you will find a slight change in the optimization of Shanghai love you. Do the simultaneous optimization of love Shanghai and Google! We have the following five aspects to carry on the simple introduction of ! is currently in some of the pictures set the Alt attribute is a good optimization effect of Shanghai dragon, but with the continuous progress of the search engine algorithm, as before in the Alt property stack keywords approach has been considered cheating, for Google is more like this, so only. two: from the website content and optimize the optimization on the link ALT label. ! for Google, outside the chain of quality control is the site, the chain also have relevance and website content, so the chain will have larger weights, if just a few links and anchor text links, Google will reduce the weight of the chain, even if it is a large number, often does not appear very good but for rankings, love Shanghai, as long as enough of the chain, you can have a good ranking, but also love Shanghai on text links and the anchor link is also very important! So we do in the chain in addition to the attention of the number, but also pay attention to quality, so as to achieve optimization love of Shanghai and Google and three: loves Shanghai and Google have a very high value of the title, but also love Shanghai Meta description and compare the value of keywords tags, both for Google is negligible, so long as we optimize the good website title title and Meta description and keywords when it is basically completed at the same time optimization four: to achieve common optimization of optimization : Title and Meta tags and ! !

Behind the high agricultural website PPC click the truth

industry websites from multi classification portal to do a breakdown of the products now on the development trend of the Internet website for an industry analysis requires a product more specific, in order to get higher rankings and customer return rate. For most of the domestic large group of farmers for new technology, new knowledge is gradually changing, the statistics of China farmers netizen is a group of the fastest growing. 3, click on the price of agricultural PPC rising in recent years; The development of 1 group positioning website; general agricultural related search keywords mainly, price, technology, sales, sales, because these words directly affect the year’s harvest is also the most want to know, so the general agricultural website must set the website pages, product positioning in the market price, planting or breeding technology, market sales area, such as sales, insert the PPC advertisement will have more clicks on these forums, content, but also a higher degree of phase conversion is self-evident. oriented agricultural website group is mainly 70-80 in the farmers or agricultural industry practitioners, the purpose of this group is very strong, just want to find their needed information, as long as the relevant information concern will generally be clicked, this group is not the title party website content, the more direct the better such as: the grape planting technology, where can I buy a search method of grape seedlings such as some more connected, and the Shanghai dragon website said, "top ten" and "some analysis of this title is not what necessary. Analysis with the former heroes compared to the above analysis points out the agricultural website PPC advertising revenue, in fact Wangzhuan is very simple, just a way. An idea of hands-on. 2, the content of the web site to attract click; , medical insurance, finance and economics, the term price is relatively high, but also the competitiveness is relatively large, for some novice such industry website traffic distribution to their website when there is not much left to do not mention the PPC click, and agricultural sites in different industries click on the competitiveness of small, price is rising year by year can also think of the future accumulation for late returns. years of experience from the fields of the summary, to cross regional information exchanges today, North and south area of agricultural production technology has been a very good combination, the development of the Internet has changed the traditional concept of farmers, can enjoy the understanding of domestic market sales for crops, planting area of planting and breeding technology, in recent years, the agricultural website has developed rapidly, and the main profit pattern of agricultural website is nothing more than three, PPC, advertisement, sales promotion products, and no products for small owners of the US, the site is not big enough to attract advertising, only do PPC advertising to profit, why agricultural websites have a high PPC click on it, man summarize the following points.

Analysis why the long tail keywords analysis is the main source of traffic to the site

for the optimization of a website and its ultimate aim is to bring traffic to the site, improve the conversion rate of flow to make money, this is the ultimate goal of every enterprise company or individual website. So how to improve the conversion rate can bring to the site traffic? This is every webmaster in a web site before optimization must be considered, but for some novice webmaster because just entered the Shanghai dragon industry experience there are many shortcomings, there may be lack of thorough analysis of local study on this issue. The author with many years engaged in Shanghai Longfeng practical experience as well as the current optimization of a site on the sale of "coffee machine" as examples, for the novice webmaster analysis why the long tail key word analysis is the main source of traffic to the site of ? Research and analysis of the keyword is mainly on the long tail keyword research, the author also more simple sharing how long tail keywords, long tail keywords may have talked about novice webmaster will say, keyword search is like this is very low, but unlike some people that the main keyword search, so some novice webmaster focus in the primary key above to do optimization to get traffic from the primary key, the result not only as can be imagined wasted a lot of time and energy, the primary key is not ready, the long tail key words did not do a good job. In fact, as long as there is little experience to understand the webmaster to refer to the main keyword > for the study analysis the author of the key word in a previous article specifically wrote entitled < analysis: how to carry out the keyword analysis of > I will not again with this special keyword analysis to study how to share with you, some novice webmaster if interested can go to the next, the content is basically Study on how to carry dry cargo, the keywords are explained in detail. Well say no more, or get it, it seems to do research in the keyword analysis, general analysis and mining the long tail keywords, can use the professional keyword mining tools in the analysis of the long tail keywords, if the optimization of the site also have sex in Shanghai bidding, but also through love Shanghai auction Thesaurus to dig the long tail keyword related, while the author often for keyword research analysis are often used in the drop-down box and search love Shanghai love Shanghai search, long tail keywords like this not only strong correlation but also the user often to search in terms of its effect is significant. I have a long tail keyword research method is to stand in the user’s point of view, through the analysis and research of long tail keywords, for user search behavior and search psychology such as coffee machine website my current optimization, usually to buy coffee machine the user is most […]

On matters relating to the purchase link should be observed

Although We buy you might encounter some of the golden lotus, suggested here, don’t touch the golden lotus, but should be PR down link HC, that noble baby to buy. website I also need to consider, not hang up nature of bad sites, and even do not appear on this page, it is far from what I should do, the nature of the site, I need to consider some related industries, generally find it, but the industry is not so easy to find. Even so many sellers on the alivv, can not find the right number, so you have to choose some good, and industry edge on the line, such as clothing, dress collocation then class, class, do not tangle in words, all you feel related. Take out your attitude for the link, you can get a lot of good links. chain, the chain general or black chain, black chain is here, I have been reluctant to try to place the black chain is not stable, let me feel that although there are packages to fill the bag but said, if not before the repair station, another station hang the one time cycle, there is a station outside the chain, then dropped, then hang another, then hang out, and a continue, I guarantee you the station will certainly be se that serious cheating, cheating is very serious in mind. So, I don’t try to buy black chain, if they buy the chain, the effect will be better, but the people who know from friends to buy, outside the chain, with stable pulse, this is the resource ah, what about the purchase link, pay attention to what I say, and very. property websiteThe nature of has a large black chain chain, but compared to the chain, this phenomenon also exists, you look at the alivv links on the chain links are generally cheaper will hang up hundreds of such links, you think you buy meaningful? A lot of links out, resulting in no this page a little weight, if you like, I would like to buy his pages instead of the home page, it will be more meaningful, but also very effective. Outbound links must be controlled, not too much, too much to buy is not cost-effective, generally a page within 30 can be, not far fetched too much. : a website of the outbound links has been the past few days need to buy some links to bring the chain some effect properties for your website, as everyone knows, the link weight ranking still has a very important role in both sites. Buy links to most of the time you save and bring the expected good results, so that the industry is slowly derived for a violent industry, however, this industry, there are many worthy of us to buy links, like me, saw a good outside chain website, want to buy look, so here, he said, about the purchase of the link should observe the site matters, as a transfer […]

Analysis of love Shanghai launched search intentions

from August 16th to August 25th, Shanghai love Webmaster Platform launched a campaign: 3000 search permission first was in fact very early Google search function on the launch, I remember Google seems to be infinite, the love of Shanghai also launched the search function, love Shanghai why should launch this function. What is the real intention? As the largest search engine, every move to love Shanghai is significant, so we can analyze the love Shanghai launched the search intention to the three official slogan: to improve the search page flow, improve search users experience, enhanced search traffic. I think that the site has some advantages and disadvantages according to the search site, according to their own situation to choose, search principle is very simple, according to the search command lists the relevant search results. ? ?For many Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of lasting 3B war continues, but the love of Shanghai and the 360 surface. love what Shanghai launched in search of love Shanghai to make this "3000 search" activities, the first right hand is convenient to the webmaster friends, so many owners to participate, promote love Shanghai in the webmaster position of the heart, in other words is to enhance customer loyalty, love Shanghai escalating webmaster tools, or the introduction of new webmaster tools, personal that is for this purpose. On the other hand, many large industry portal sites, such as webmaster of A5 station network, have been used in the sea search function, so it can guide more ordinary users to use love Shanghai, is also the flow eventually returned to the fall in love with the sea. For the love of Shanghai itself will, whether it is for many webmaster or ordinary users are beneficial to love Shanghai firmly tied together with the user, of course, is not just a love of Shanghai, other search engines have already launched their own search function. sites speaking, according to search what are the advantages and disadvantages of? Search can really save server resources, but small data quantity is less, in this regard, in fact, has little significance, A5 Adsense nets use love Shanghai station search function, can choose to search information, but can also choose to search the Internet is also in love with the sea search related information. If I am an ordinary webmaster, want to search the stationmaster Congress "in the A5 Adsense nets, indeed there are many online articles about A5 webmaster webmaster general assembly, I can go to read, if I have enough, can choose to search the web. To a certain extent indeed enhance the user experience, but the disadvantages are also obviously, if a station content available for searching is very small, so the user will naturally turn to love Shanghai, resulting in serious loss of flow, the author sum up: the suggestion is that the content of little not to fall in love with the sea station according to the search. Of course, this is my personal understanding and suggestions. […]

Jiang Pingzhong how to prevent the search engine site was identified as SPAM

often a director asked Jiang Pingzhong, my site is K, my website how my site included reducing, how the decline in ranking…… Etc.. So, why would lead to these problems? In fact, we in the operation of Shanghai dragon, must avoid some will be search engine that SPAM, a search engine will show to determine whether a site is SPAM: keywords can be obtained from the training samples of SPAM and non SPAM samples. The general page. page similarity analysis keyword density in fact, the accumulation of keywords is very easy to be identified as the search engine SPAM. For example, Jiang Pingzhong recently did an experiment, adding a lot of weight loss keywords in a "slimming blog" above, as in the title, description, operation keywords and other places all join the "diet, weight loss, weight loss error list, diet pills, exercise to lose weight, abdominal fat, weight reduction, rapid weight loss, lazy people lose weight, lose weight and other series of commonly used words, then the search engine is easily identified as SPAM, then the page will not be included, and the inside pages piled up but are included. Keywords in general density control below 7%. (3) solution: each page of the site to do the one and only the content of a page will not address multiple access. The correlation between to deal with: the page keywords in the most appropriate control 3%-7%. (2) solution: when the Links should pay special attention to, do not provide outbound links in Web site have been punished, not too much more than the external links in a page. under the same domain when a page is similar or identical, search engines will be identified as belonging to the SPAM website. Of course, a number of articles on the same between some stationmaster unintentionally, once issued articles, today again issued a. So, this may be the webmaster attention, choose the best choice for those procedures issued repeated title will prompt CMS or blog system. For example: Dedecms will prompt in the publication title is repeated several times in the phpwind submit the same content release there will be prompt. this way is check whether the site dedicated to provide the link service page. If the number of page links too much, then the search engine may have decided that the site is SPAM. Of course, navigation website is not in this column. As the search engine of hao123, 265, DMOZ and other sites will have their own different algorithms and coping style. (4) users appear objectionable content or boast content through the following methods (1) domain name, IP address number of links