To migrant workers returning home to raise awareness of migrant workers Entrepreneurship

now migrant workers entrepreneurship has become a social trend, at the same time, affected by the national policy, there are now many migrant workers have answered their hometown to start a business the way to get rich, so, the majority of migrant workers need to pay attention to what time in the business? work to South gold and returning migrant workers, due to local business downturn. Relevant departments of the country’s latest survey data show that about 9 million of migrant workers to return home. put two roads in front of migrant workers: a "re employment", one is "from the start". The author of a retirement after 4 years of independent entrepreneurship in the recent withdrawal of personal experience, it is advised to return to migrant workers: the first choice of re employment, prudent self entrepreneurship".

We finally hit the ground running along the way

today, according to the school requirements the three party employment agreement to pay the return from school to accommodation, immediately open the computer, landing just finished the site background, and plan in the two day weekend, all the articles upload the upload end, make it a decent website. Suddenly the eyes feel sour and pain, picked up the computer next to the mirror to see, eyeful bloodshot, remember last night in order to do this site, until 2 at night, tired of feeling more intense, want to take a break, though how much I want to put my favorite websites, but think of the time like Miss, maybe a lie slightly narrow, wake up when it is at dead of night if so, I will not forgive myself, when I was a fierce ideological struggle, the university class QQ group flash, I also want to ask the teacher to report on my employment agreement, today on his desk, so I began to speak in the group, I don’t remember how about technology, technology class the best students are now doing java development work, I am learning The school is a computer professional in – Java, but will be graduating, I began to have a strong interest in the station, so do not bad Java give up, java do development work in the class of small bright, see me in the group, and in the irony I say: a review Java the right to. I remember at that time, he and I are Java quite good students in the class at that time, when I was graduating from Java from the station, he is also a variety of ridicule, I think he is not possible start and progress in establishment, how could three years of studying Java wasted. At that time, but I have already decided to abandon, I know what I want, but also understand what is suitable for their own, I secretly determined in his heart, must take the construction well, we must learn SEO search engine optimization technology, build a real good quality website, let him sit up and take notice, maybe because I always have this idea, let me in the station on the road until now, now the site of from my heart is still far, at the beginning, because the new station, pr=0, I have several times in the group In exchange for sincere Links, no one in the group sent me, ask Links so much, I have repeatedly been the main T, and how? Go to this step, how can sit idly by the ! when I was heavy-hearted, a QQ group to a stranger, a temporary QQ pop-up dialog box, he said he had an automatic chain of software, a day can help me hang up hundreds of Links, I felt this is a liar, if such the software, why there are so many people to be honest for Links swap, so I started to ignore him, but he still gave me […]

The homepage site is not shared in the first experience

is also a Monday morning, to see what changes in the big update, has become a lot of webmaster looking forward to. As usual I open the site, look at the parameters of each site, found several sites have similar phenomenon: the website is greatly improved, and the chain rankings is much lower, there is an old station ranking has been stable for months has dropped a lot in this update. Indeed, open Baidu site, is not the first home page. then, read a lot of webmaster share about home page site is not in the first experience article, many people say that this does not bring any table, also has many friends say this is the right to drop performance. According to the change of their website, home page has been used in the first place, but today and ranking together off, would not discuss whether this is right down, at least Baidu wanted to tell me: what is your site problems need to solve. Combined with the specific circumstances of the previous website and the implementation of the optimization strategy, the website has made the following analysis: 1. space stability a month early due to the expiration of the domain name registrar, also did not notice until I found the site open that domain name expires, to renew the Registrar and tell me the interface problem immediately, temporarily unable to renew, so I am very worried. Over the past two days, finally completed the renewal, site will once again open access. Because of their old station, when the snapshot update, although the title of content beyond recognition, but the ranking is still strong. It’s been almost a week since the update may have been affected by the lack of access to the space, and this time it has come out. 2. title key we all know, the title can not often change, especially new sites, changed the K, your home page is not discussed, that is, you put into the assessment area. But for the old station, change the title will not affect too much, and even modify the site development is very helpful, but it can not be too frequent. This domain name expires, cause website snapshot Title completely change, and then restored, title and then change back to the original title, in the meantime, in order to website development also slightly fine tune, change a set of keywords order. Also in the following few days without the same, ranking is very stable, to this update, there has been a change in the impact of the site: the title of the short term frequent changes are also very likely to be a big factor in this update. 3. links exchange many webmaster think exchange links is a good thing, at least it is not bad. A few days ago, because the website has not changed the link for a long time, the rank is also very ideal, then wanted to change some links to increase the chain. […]

Notes on SNS marketing skills in network marketing

evening, and rich marketing brothers talk about SNS marketing skills, and they sort out, here and share with you, my QQ 57715727. 1. What is SNS marketing ? about this point, I think it is necessary for you to take a closer look at the Baidu encyclopedia explanation, I believe it will help. two, SNS marketing considerations 1, looking for your marketing object – what kind of SNS is better for you, ? network is a big family, or is one of the world, only when you know who is your marketing object, who is your potential customers and potential customers in where, so that you may continue to do marketing, there is no exception in SNS marketing, for example, if your products are suitable for some college students, some of the younger groups, so you may be more suitable to, relatively better friends than the Tencent, because of the relatively students more attention, I am here is relatively speaking, I did not say not to do Tencent friend, I want to let everyone know what is SNS more suitable for you, find out their key. 2, in the SNS platform, how, more targeted to choose ? here in the bad way to give you the recommended two kinds: one is the SNS site in the search function, especially the advanced search, now most of the websites of SNS have the age, sex, hobbies and other specific search terms, we pass these can be targeted to choose our group, for example said cosmetics, we can choose a female, age 20-40 years old, it is better to promote their products; the two is through some meaningful articles, write or reprint some of the more useful to their potential customers of the article, this will allow more potential customers aware of your existence, all of the time for you to build trust, marketing is coming. 3, before marketing, what kind of mentality and awareness, ? I think all the marketing have certain guidance, we want to promote their products or services, you need a little attention to, that is to let others believe you!!! Others only believe you, trust you, so that we can continue to put money into your pocket, you have to have a sense of service in their psychological, no one would be willing to give their money to a person that you don’t believe. Remember a man said: "you want to make money, to do is use your head to marketing other people’s head, and then let him put money from his pocket to his pocket – four bags, legend, !" 4, what kind of products suitable for SNS, and what kind of marketing methods for SNS ? SNS has a high degree of user precision, user viscosity, easy to spread

Network marketing, learning QQ, QQ group and other tools to promote

is not a few months, not carefully for a long time did not update the blog, or continue to update the old rules, suitable for the small and medium-sized enterprise network promotion way detailed series, because this series compared to many small and medium-sized enterprise network promotion is very useful, this little first tell me, I will update the end of this series, and about 30 kinds of my practice and relatively effective way of network promotion, I will take out a detailed explanation. Last time on the "Baidu encyclopedia promotion" carried out a detailed analysis, if not yet understood, you can look at [network marketing promotion] five: Wikipedia promotion (with authoritative encyclopedia detailed) this article. Speaking of QQ, it is now known to every family, in fact, have to admire the Tencent group, occupy China all client computer is really the king, now QQ has become every household computer software will be installed client. Thus, the client can be extended out of QQ, the extent of the business can be excavated is too large, I do not count here, but I believe that the future of all Internet companies should be the enemy of non Tencent. At the point the way, the introduction of the topic, since QQ has so much potential, such as small and medium enterprises we do network promotion, QQ will be used for our. QQ promotion purposes: The main purpose of , of course, is to find effective and targeted customer resources, followed by expanding corporate brand image and corporate brand awareness. QQ promotion method detailed: 1: QQ group promotion QQ group, of course, is one of the most effective ways to find customer resources in QQ. I believe many people are already using this method. There may be some people will say, QQ group who will not use, I have used, it also used to explain why the same? But a method different with the result is very different? It depends on the depth of your this method. (I’ll talk about it later. Before that, let’s get a look at how things work.) QQ group promotion usually comes, a lot of people will use the following ways: < 1> QQ group, through the text or images to take the form of advertising, usually short text, general effect, easy to be the main group except T. The quality of each half, suitable for some industries (many people can see the part-time and sell tea with this form of mass promotion in the group) to the requirements of customers of this type of industry is relatively low, applicable to all industries, resources is relatively large, the range is very wide, it is more suitable for. < 2> single QQ group out this form of dialogue, the promotion effect is good, targeted relatively strong, such as your pet industry, pet after joining the QQ group, can be targeted to grasp some QQ group resources, this way is applicable to parts requiring high accuracy of customers can >

Station difficult period webmaster must pay attention to 6 problems

recently, the website and the room one after another rectification, the webmaster of the Internet how to spend the winter? Maybe, there will be a return to persist, for everyone finishing 6 points station difficult period must pay attention to, for we learn to use. site construction difficult period webmaster must pay attention to 6 problems: one, we should immediately check their website, to see if there are some illegal content, some news, forums, etc., there is, delete it, so as not to ask for trouble later. two, the site should adhere to update, Baidu included quickly, but also conducive to the site keywords ranking. three, don’t over collect, you can completely copy other people’s content, but you can’t over collect, you must have some original every day, even if it is one or two. four, although the optimization can improve the site included rankings, but more to content based ! five, server space instability, very unfavorable for new sites, so we have to choose a good space service providers. six, when we do the station, but also take some time to understand the webmaster common sense, so that we can have policy, there are countermeasures. So as not to close your station, do not know why. another, webmaster link platform:, unfortunately today, the server is now recovered.

From four angles, it is not satisfactory to analyze the development of Witkey industry

China with the number of Internet users reached 500 million, Chinese Internet development has risen to a new level, and with the popularity of the Internet, various network profitable projects and occupation also arise, SEO Technology Specialist, webmaster, marketing team and network construction, and so on, everyone in the full use of the network of the new platform to wantonly the Nuggets, which I must mention is Witkey website. Since the 09 years of explosive growth, is Witkey ushered in their golden period, not only the number of registered Witkey increased a lot, the number of tenderers and bounty amount have been greatly improved, which makes the Witkey website gains popularity in a short time, the development of brand value have gradually emerged. 1 in the eyes of friends is more Witkey Wangzhuan pronoun, which makes Witkey industry has a high population in Wangzhuan appeal. 2 Witkey development model just to meet the needs of young groups, college students, white-collar workers and other scientific and technological needs, which allows Witkey website in the user resources have an absolute right to speak. 3 price advantage is Witkey website in the development of the way, absolutely can not shake one of the characteristics. 4 compared to other Witkey Wangzhuan project, obviously it can gather everybody to earn more money. can be said to the above four points is four points absolute advantage early development of Witkey website, personal feeling is more than four points, the pig Witkey, time Witkey website has been developed into the development impetus, but the lack of stamina on 2012 Witkey industry gradually emerged, the first is a sharp reduction in the number of bidders, later there are complaints Witkey bidders shameless cheat brand effect in short release, Witkey website has been greatly affected, although it seems still in the prosperity and development of Witkey website, but did Witkey website webmaster all know, in prosperity is behind the Witkey webmaster helpless. One of the advantages of for the early development of Witkey, now the Witkey system has no original appeal, of which there are other Wangzhuan impact, such as advertising, B2C and CES, Amoy mature growth, resulting in Witkey website is no longer the first choice of beginner, and since the Witkey website expansion type development. The hidden defects have emerged, the contributor level is reduced, the supervision system can not keep up the bidder loophole, deceive bidders interests, let Witkey website development in the user perspective stretched and bid. These drawbacks have beginner development gradually tired of Witkey doesn’t trust you bring, which will look more elsewhere. after a period of development, Witkey itself is constantly seeking a breakthrough point of the other, to seek more profit and more high level of Witkey to join, so match mode, challenge mode and bidding mode have replaced the common bidding mode, although the mould plate is innovation, the success of bidding also increased, but the action of Witkey websites or in a certain extent, hurt a >

Grassroots station strategy how can the station less detours

The popularization of computers and the popularization of computer and network knowledge make the number of "three noes" (no money, no industry, no technology) more and more online, and these three people are both grass roots. I am also a member of the family of weeds, I also know, no resistance to the grass family, no money, no good job ah, there is no good technology! Can be even so, if the use of some methods, or to find a suitable method of grassroots grow into a tree on the internet. The network provides us with the soil and the stage, and everyone insists on working hard. Hope is still there.. some time ago I spent half the time to build a station ( novel network, copycat maple) now to the grassroots about my experience, in fact, is mostly a lesson ah, I hope you don’t take detours. That’s right. Let’s make a statement here. My experience is aimed at the grassroots. we want to make money online, the first is investment, as grassroots can not avoid, if you do not want to pay to earn money, there are two possible, one is cheated, one is deceptive. What I’m telling you is how to get the right results with the least amount of investment, !We believe is the primary domain name, the price is not much to say, according to their own needs! Is the most important space, the more this thing, I do not introduced one by one, I just said what I used, I use the foreign server flat-share space, space size infinite (is infinite is 100G), PHP station, we estimated the question of foreign and domestic price difference? I can tell you for the very different foreign server function of the very small, if you have to use, much more expensive than domestic, but you to use a few function words are cheap, for example, I use the PHP format if you want ASP to pay, just this, while the domestic is one size fits all, you use those functions that have the price. And as we personally set up the site, it can not use so many functions, so many are wasted. In this way, you must know that the difference is there. grassroots must pay attention to ah, do not feel less money, low cost and risk coexist, you want to use the cheap have a certain risk, flat-share space is very cheap, but the standard of foreign and domestic is not the same, if your space is a site is considered to be China limit site, your server will be blocked (GFW), so good you don’t complain, because this is not something you can change. I want to talk to you about this is cheap risks, here I give you recommend, grassroots can find a foreign server are China users, so the risk is much smaller, but don’t say so much to say, then say that advertising ! with space, you can build a […]

51 social network social security service must be calm, plough is a hard truth

social security is a sore point for the Chinese and Chinese enterprises, and the two major pain points are the difference in regional policy and the high demand of follow-up services. With the integration of the human resources industry offline and online, from the social security cut into the human resources services will become more and more hot, new competitors are more and more, which will help the entire social security industry progress.   July 1st, an interview with his founder, Mr. Yu Qingquan, at the headquarters of the 51 social security network in China World Trade Center. Unlike many O2O enterprise development strategy rash and too much in haste figure, calm and achievements of Mr. Yu Qingquan explains his entrepreneurial experience and social security 51. Mr. Yu Qingquan is full of expectation and morale for the trend of the integration of human resources services into the online and offline sectors. 51 social network to get the angel round of financing at the beginning of the establishment, and was not formed in and get a $4 million A round of financing in the first half of the 51 time, after financing social network plans to set up branches in the 15 national city. Today, 51 social security has been in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing and other places set up branches, the size of the staff has more than 100 people. Yu Qingquan said that even if the 51 social security network is eager to spread rapidly throughout the country, but based on reality to consider, the expansion rate must be stabilized. He said that social security attaches importance to services, to ensure that the quality of service is fundamental. on the social security service pain point, Yu Qingquan said the two big pain point is the difference of regional policy and follow-up service high requirements. Because the country’s social security policy in different cities are different, in each city for social security needs different procedures, so in the expansion of business, you need to be familiar with the local social security process. 51 social security in the development of branch offices, from the headquarters of the staff must be within a month familiar with all local social security processes. This expansion model, although affecting the expansion rate, but Yu Qingquan said more emphasis on the quality of service in the latter. second big pain point is the high demand of follow-up service. Because social security service is a long-term demand, monthly pay social security, which policies and processes may change, so 51 social security personnel must be in real-time to master new policies, adapt to the new process. The social security service requirements are very high, Yu Qingquan said that this is mainly responsible for the development of co-founder Hu Wanjun and together with the corresponding social insurance products according to the actual situation, the product design into the complicated social security practice, there are great challenges for the professional degrees. 51 social security has been the subject […]

Do stand for 6 years, talk about some of my experience

I was at University for 01 years, because of the initial interest in computers, especially the game, so every day in the net bar, did not play what game is legendary, and nine "game, every day is happy. After entering the second door, I have a buddy dormitory is the Department of computer, his computer to play very well, at that time he used the asp+access website, I met him for he is really envy, even a bit of worship, so I have to find him, to see his website. gradually, I also understand some simple web language, such as HTML and js. I remember him as a "Man online website was" (, is a download station, now seems very simple, it is a CMS, and the code is very confusing, but I think has been very great, so I volunteered for me to maintain some of the physical is update information and he also posted links to live music at leisure, so I started to contact the real website. was so large online who has not now the scale of hundreds of millions of people, the Internet, and then the network environment is not good now, basically is the dial, I believe many people remember when the speed of the Internet bar, oh, to have ten minutes to download a mp3. It was not popular web site navigation, people rely on the basic note website address to the Internet, so my promotion will be mainly in the chat room, forum mad brush, the content of the website are basically on the external link to download the address, because we are students, the money bought space, bought a virtual space 200M. At that time, but I do not understand technology, every day is very passion for this activity, the website gradually began to have access to the flow of people, from the beginning of the day, 10 people to the later 7000-8000 every day, I think I now think that unbelievable is how to find the website. had more than half a year, which is 03 years summer, I said that the dormitory door, download station not what meaning, do not make money (in fact, now, there was no advertising, and we are all students, don’t know to pull advertising, run the sponsorship, only know of Technology) also, as do blog, and there a popular blog. Of course I have what opinion at the time, the website is the people what can I say, I downloaded a English blog source code (ASP), revised on the release, during which I learned some simple asp+access programming, also saw some of flash5’s book, after 2 months download station becomes a blog, because it was not a popular blog, this blog is our early, friends can go to Baidu or Google search, this year we also entered the domestic blog ranking website. has been doing more than half a year’s blog, and in the summer of 04, the site still hasn’t picked up

Micro-blog marketing can be full use of webmaster

today, the pace of social media development is quite rapid, and as a public platform, micro-blog’s development is also in line with the requirements of the majority of Internet users. As ordinary users may only take micro-blog as entertainment platform in use, but to surf in the Internet webmaster, this also is one of the ways of marketing, is such a popular platform, micro-blog marketing will be the webmaster to make full use of. Micro-blog marketing is entertainment or business opportunities, but also wrote the webmaster should use micro-blog marketing. first: micro-blog marketing platform on-line. The traditional enterprise marketing is not suitable for mass consumption, network marketing has gradually entered people’s life, but also the methods of network marketing attitudes of thousands of odd, as long as the emergence of new Internet platform, the webmaster can use their good marketing. At the same time, now micro-blog has become the highlight of everyone, such a social media, every day to convey to you a lot of information, and its spread rate is the advantage of marketing, but also marketing disadvantages. If it cannot make full use of its advantages, our marketing approach will only be eliminated by no echo. second: the development of micro-blog. The current micro-blog development, although I don’t know the location of micro-blog at the beginning of what is, but now micro-blog has been in the entertainment in the direction of development, basically become a recreational platform, this platform is with public consumption, but to the webmaster, it is a lot less can take place so, you can find the special belongs to the head of the circle in micro-blog, it is difficult to find and master related topics. This development is unfavorable for the webmaster, but micro-blog marketing has a successful case, indeed can build its own brand. third: micro-blog conversion rate. Recently, the blogger has also been concerned about micro-blog marketing, tried to pass the micro-blog desert ULV personal authentication, improve the conversion rate, to see whether the webmaster can really make good use of micro-blog. But in the operation process of many problems, now micro-blog basically are quotations, social life, emotion, and the webmaster to find related topics on micro-blog, it is less and less, and even if your hair is related to the topic, not too many people for broadcast, so such a platform is really suitable for webmaster marketing. fourth: micro-blog target population. Micro-blog marketing platform that is suitable for e-commerce marketing for the webmaster, webmaster do optimization of the marketing class, is difficult, e-commerce marketing compared with everyday life, to show their products in micro-blog, to find the right people of their own, so it will be relatively simple marketing however, in marketing before estimated owners must take a long time to determine their target population, for future marketing first lay the foundation facilities. fifth: make full use of the application. With the development of micro-blog, I think it has also led to the development of many applications. Micro-blog has become a […]

Case analysis website revision traffic down from more than 10 thousand to single digits

because the old version of the website problems, so decided to do revision work, last night is also working overtime for rectification. As a result, the result of poor traffic today is due to the neglect of the details. Let us take a look at the original site traffic and current site traffic comparison:   because most of the traffic on the web comes from the search engine, then it’s not going to be so bad, even if it’s morning. Therefore, the website was reviewed again, and the following problems were found: , column page domain name   Baidu guide 2 are clearly pointed out that the short love shaped domain, but the domain name not only a column page absurdly long, it is a lot of so many symbols, mark the spider a see feared would not be a trap, or after entering the lost. Even so, it should not be enough to cause such a serious change in flow. Let’s go on to look at the second question: two, data instability,     two are screenshots from the same website in the morning. It’s still in the next picture, but at one stage it’s back to the top. The web site does not know how they operate on the database. Even with this, it’s not enough to make traffic change so horrible. Let’s move on to third: three, a jump field name, I think this is a serious, low-level mistake that is causing such a serious change in traffic. We focus on correcting the functions of the program, but we make mistakes in detail, but for SEO, the details determine the success or failure. Let’s take a look at the hundreds of thousands of web pages, jump to what page.   when I see this kind of mistake, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Maybe it was only a minor fault to us, but it gave us a fatal blow. For SEO, we really are a bit of detail, we can not ignore. This article by web game ranking handwritten original, reproduced please retain the source.

Grassroots ridicule Ali mother is Taobao running errands guy

Ali has been on the line for some time, but hasn’t had time to publish his views. Today saw the Ali Mama advertising revenue, there are a few dollars, money eyes well, I decided to write a story about the mom of the article. why do Ma Yun Ali mother? The reason is very simple, because the seller Taobao teach some basic knowledge of SEO in Ma Yun, found that the search engine accounts for most of the antecedents of, in addition, an important reason is that Yahoo Chinese search does not like when Ma Yun took over the prophecy — about 10 months to make the domestic search engine the boss. (Ma Yun said, "if we don’t act sooner, 8-10 months later, we’ll lose the chance forever). Results from the end of 2005 to now, Yahoo search revised several times, but basically are unsuccessful, as the key search share does not rise or fall. So, Ma is very clever to give up Yahoo search, a short time beyond Baidu, Google fantasy. (now the Yahoo search is also true, became the experimental field of Ali, after all, there is no traffic, then it is optional Revision) "electronic commerce and the search engine is a natural partner so the search did not pick up a short time, which prompted Ma Yun to recruit other weird, because Ma Yun is very clever, he knew that Baidu will never easily lose their traffic (MP3 search, Baidu Baidu know the products are Baidu flow after analysis decided to launch the product, and have been very successful), so think of the church to know how to use Taobao sellers advertising their products, one can get rid of dependence on Taobao search engine, Taobao live more healthy; on the other hand also can make the seller know Taobao investment to get the output of the truth, so Taobao’s charge also justifies. One method gives birth to the Ali mama. Ali has done well on the line, but not very well. Taobao also did not understand because most sellers buy ads, not love zaben business. So now, Ali’s mother in advertising or to Ali and the original Yahoo bidding advertisers mainly. If the advertiser and the unit price is limited, the advertising Ali mother alliance members can not see a good income, then Ali mother of course malnutrition. I had received Ali mother customer service phone, remind me to put Ali Alliance on the website of the ad code, which surprised me, because there is no advertising company where like Ali mother do promotion to do so in place. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to be aware of the fundamental problem (I am not a Taobao seller, so I do not know that they have to promote the big seller Ali mother), Ali mother the essence of development is what they’re looking for more advertisers, especially those who rely on Taobao business owner life. Let them dare to eat crabs, with the sweetness, Ali mother will naturally […]

After Baidu K, my correspondence law

to take a summer vacation, ready to make a big fight, but until now, all efforts are tried, to check the next most engine also included, can Baidu I was not a bit cold. why? I think Baidu is at first to the railway station to slow, can wait for a month is no effect, here once again, my domain name: is my net webmaster help me drag meter registered, out of his age, was established in November 6, 2004, that is to say! His age is 3 years, 16 days in September. so a long history of domain names even not included? so I thought maybe the station was K, and I checked on the Internet and decided how to be K… First of all, site down the meter, no record. Then link went down and found that there were a lot of external connections. Well, it’s basically decided to be K. I regret it. Not picking rice well. But I heard that Baidu will be in a good mood too. So, from the content of the site to improve efforts, and check the network on the K countermeasures, there are several can compare. 1. less waste flow exchange chain 2., don’t add the edge ball type League (for example, pioneer, I added.).. ) 3. don’t add friendship that has been crossed by K, 4. less collection, more original (pseudo original also line) see so much, how many hearts have been put off the bottom, Xianfeng immediately, then check the friendship: to check under the domain name information: next, do the work is to check the problem of transition of SEO, and to strengthen the chain. if that doesn’t work, then I’ll have to file a statement… 76 entertainment, all the way well, !

Crazy man clever use of micro-blog 200 listeners can bring 800 independent IP a day

first to reflect on, as a professional network promotion, crazy man has been optimistic about the soft Wen promotion, no early attention to micro-blog. When I first heard my friends talking about micro-blog, mad men also went to Sina to see it, but without looking at it, they denied the value of micro-blog. Then listen to friends about micro-blog, in addition to sniff at is a contemptuous disregard! By chance, mad men click on a friend in the group sent the link, and then became the official user rather baffling Tencent micro-blog. became a small Tencent users, crazy man immediately recognized the value of micro-blog, while the original exclusion of micro-blog and regret, while actively promoting micro-blog, attract listeners. Tencent staff may be aware of mad men has become a loyal fan of micro-blog, it will be a few invitation codes every day, so I took these invitations to some forums to publish, attract others registration. Because each by my invitation code registered users will become my audience, the more aroused the enthusiasm of my micro-blog promotion, once micro-blog recommend to my colleagues, said micro-blog’s value to them, they jokingly said to me: "crazy man is Tencent vest!When saw a "Tencent" certification mark next to the name of others, mad men hardly wished to live. Because the authentication for the audience is too critical, mad men found that the pseudo photos have a logo certification, you can listen to deceive others, then mad men dream is certified! Ask a lot of people ask how they can through the Tencent certification. There are enthusiastic friends tell me the certification process, but the process is not suitable for me, mad men are not a celebrity, not a great man, the society has not made significant contributions, they are not certified mad men when I’m downhearted!, a blog mouchangqing, suddenly came the confidence. Mou Changqing said that he was in a Sina vest number, without certification, but also to get more than 2W fans. confidence is coming back, but in practice, it’s not easy to increase the audience quickly. In the beginning, think of it. Listen to others in great numbers. Someone will listen to you. When listening to 600 people and only 80 people listening to me, the crazy man knows this method is too bad, no way. Think back to the original search engine keyword word source, I think it should be tried in that way. So crazy man to find 200 sexy beauty pictures, began in micro-blog implementation of beauty promotion strategy. Beauty strategy really good, a few days down, the audience increased to 200, and this time the company just do a large-scale network group buying activities, so there is the first practice with micro-blog promotion. at the very beginning, I posted the company’s activity page directly at micro-blog, and a few people went to see it in the morning, and it also caused some people to cancel listening to me. It was really a loss. Then I sent […]

Do not do IT than do Wangzhuan site

I love the Internet. I started to love it when I extended from the Internet to china. was very fond of surfing the Internet, reading novels, watching movies, playing BBS, and a web game. It was a very simple game. Since then, I have a strong interest in the network, and I wonder how this is done. Why does it have such effect?. but, after a long time, I forget all of these expectations. I always like to hang around on the internet. Don’t know what time, the Internet suddenly appeared Wangzhuan word, some advocate Wangzhuan site. At that time, I thought, hey hey, do not go out to earn money, interesting. Then, with this own curiosity, began to work on the network, that is what do Wangzhuan, website promotion, data entry clerk, proxy server, game promotion, development of offline and so on, a lot of, after all they have a lot of time on the internet. but for nearly a year, found very tired, very tired, people are tired, and do not show friends exchange, and money has not earned a point. when I went to college, I chose e-commerce, like the theoretical profession, but I did not expect to go to the site did not go to the construction of their own courses. ha ha, and I did not expect, I will build their own web site, speak of the reasons for this site, but because I like basketball, like NBA. And the friends around also like to see NBA, but they always search the web blindly about the NBA site. In this environment, I choose to build their own website, basketball information about the site. build a web site, the first choice of domain name, I have been optimistic about Lanqiu, FAB and so on several domain names, but to be registered, want to buy, people bid thousands, the lowest price is 3000. , for a student like me, 3000 is too much. Here, I also want to thank my girlfriend, is he let me inspiration, chose the such a domain name. started building, learning sap, new cloud, and so on, learn to connect, and so on. These are all I just started learning this year, is on the side of the Internet search, the side of the station. At that time I basically little time to rest, all spent on the study above, how to make a bitter words. site built, you have to buy space. Khan, speaking of space, the first to buy, think of cheap, the use of the monthly payment, is a Shanghai called "long speed" site, khan…… 28 yuan / month, or 1G?. What a good price, how much cheaper, or a 7*24 service?. As a result, the space is often a problem, to find customer service, you wait a moment, and then no sound, and the result is only half a day to fix…… For three days, I direct >

How to do a quick SEO diagnosis on a web site!

  1, website open speed: domain name resolution time, connection server time, Download picture time. These can be on their computer Ping speed, or in the webmaster’s home or love station and other three tools speed measurement. Look at the path 2, check out the web site: do 301 redirect, if there is a variety of paths exist, such as dynamic and static path, if the site support both the static and dynamic path, through which a Robots shield. 3, check the site return code: the site returned code settings are wrong, use a wrong page to visit the site, check whether it will return 404, domain name changes, 301 permanent redirection, and so on. 4, check the title of the website: see the page source code, you can see the title, through the included view title, included in the results included in Chinese and English, it is best to separate, affecting ranking. Different language sites do sub station, title requirements can not be too long, not too short, not less than 5 words, can not be repeated. The title should appear keywords, put important keywords into the title, 3-4, query words and content matching, the page should appear keywords. 5, check the website tab: H1, can be used only once on a page, Hn can be used many times. 6, check the ALT Tags: images of the alternative text, if not, is not conducive to search engine crawl, is not conducive to optimization, is not conducive to user experience. 7, check the content of the website: to the enterprise website, for example, product page content is rich, whether the article page optimization. 8, see the chain: friendship link 30-40, too much, too little will affect ranking, general outside the chain is stable. author of this article 520 guitar network welcome you to visit, this article copyright belongs to the author all, reprint please indicate the source, !

BBS plus SNS do local community website experience Raiders

is very happy today, Baidu search "Shenzhen forum" ranked fourth! Not much gossip, want to write something practical. Build local community Raiders, practical is the hard truth! 5 years of BBS experience, it is worth your study! ! the simplest thing is never to ignore: A, domain name + station name as my friends Wo Peng, Peng: is another name for Shenzhen, the other in Shenzhen called Pengcheng! I can’t take the name "Shenzhen forum", because the name was too much, a local name. Domain names, I suggest you use pinyin! !When B, SEO optimization many people believe, love your name in front of the title, is actually very simple, we begin to do a website, users are from Baidu, so remember, the key words in the first place! Many people does not know what his promotion to ! C, section division to eat drink play music and is always people chat does not play forum topic, forever hottest area is "water" and "picture"! Sub section should start one is the main entertainment, in information for. Do not underestimate the advertising section, take a look at the 19lou ten hot plate to know, advertising version ranked first in the whole year! ! D, moderator moderator more useful? No use, I have more than 100 moderators, so online on the 15, the back of my full withdrawal, often leaving 15 online, or full moderators, they will give you deleted advertising management forum. Give your trust! A word: good moderator, a top 100! ! E, the two words "Baidu", from the local community to promote the line, must spend a lot of money; from Baidu to users is the hard truth! How come? Me a general idea, I do not tell him "Shenzhen 51 vacation days, Shenzhen 51 activities" and so on. Remember not to copy others. You so pile Baidu keyword, time is long, hundreds of local users IP every day on your station! My flow is so come! There are many ways, we are not afraid of tired, all go to try! ! , F, activities, local members of the party is essential; some webmaster are otaku, not organized at all; in fact, very simple, you organize activities posted in the forum, in the construction of a QQ group. You don’t tube that there will be many people participate, but also not less than 6 people! I think one of 6 people to participate in, even if it is successful! Why? Tell you that your work is not to let them play a more happy, but the photo shoot back, on large scale in the Forum. This picture is so light…… 6 individuals to participate, you can take 100 interesting pictures back, this is not enough to do promotion? , G, SNS, I’ve often heard people say, "BBS+SNS is going to separate people. People are obviously inexperienced. Why do I say that? Have you ever heard of a happy farm? Yes, I am."

Law for users to consider, your station will be evergreen

today in the webmaster online to read a piece of talking to write "no webmaster webmaster", deep feelings. In the comments in the message, feeling not enough appeal to everyone, so decided to write an article, hope the webmaster can lead their attention. some time ago I made a duet stand – dance duet it, but later not so Baidu gave me every bit of traffic. I talked to a friend, he said, estimate your station north Baidu K it, I did not bring before the Baidu K mean, and then I understand the presence of technology or content on the station suspected of cheating. But as a lovers of the song and dance duet, I just want to share the information about the recent collection of song and dance duet to the vast number of users, so that they do not like me running around the Internet looking for things in the song and dance duet. So, I feel a bit recently by Baidu desire feeling, in the webmaster online to write articles, I hope everyone in the Baidu K you can after careful analysis is not you only consider the rankings without considering the user, or your website or else what a problem. If no problem if you put your mind to continue to do stand, share your happiness! Today talking said I had the same words, I thank the Lord deep. my song and dance duet was isolated by Baidu. During that time, I still collect video and information about the song and dance duet that I haven’t seen before. I also want to share some good friends with my friends. Every day there are still many users to my station, through the statistics I was surprised to find that directly enter the URL of the increase in the number, and there are a lot of people to switch to Google, YAHOO, Sogou search engine search my name "Errenzhuan." to my station, I think my station is indeed brought to the user happy. So I grew happier and continued to share my things for net friends. My station is still very small now, and I am determined to do more for them. Oh, finally finished, is "talking" about it! But I also summarize a law: for users to consider, you will ever! welcome to reprint this article, I hope more webmaster can do better station, China’s Internet can develop better, faster! !

Before the game after the pursuers have cut faces the crisis of development

Ministry of culture, "09 years online shopping market white paper" pointed out: in 2009, the online game market accounted for 3.3% of the overall size of the game market, the market size of 860 million yuan, an increase of 91.1% in 2008. The number of web games also increased from 2008 at the end of 263 to 2009 by the end of 516, bringing it much faster than MMORPG games. At the same time, the development of web game has encountered many bottlenecks, such as technology, product homogenization, product promotion and so on. Only rely on the "fast" and "imitation" and launched a number of homogenization of the game is not a normal market due to state companies and industries lack of diversification of products will eventually be difficult to achieve sustainable development. development, cottage industry, 07 years of "rise of the game in the domestic market, some enterprises in order to occupy the market rapidly, with" simple concept "rapid birth of a number of" guessing strategies "," martial arts arena "as the theme, a simple game products. 08 years, the web game market began to extend to the MMO model, have to follow the traditional games, take the traditional "Daguai, upgrade" routines. By 2010, web games were becoming increasingly lean to client games as the user preferred them. Web game developers in the unprovoked technology, by highlighting the game screen and special effects and other forms of expression, began to attack the client market. The current web game market has formed a potential with the SNS community, client game. "The beginning of the game the positioning of the user group is consistent with the SNS community, but with the development of the SNS community," the game of survival space is further squeezed, the web game facing the embarrassing situation of re positioning the user group. The web game market is beginning to tilt to the client game. Gratuitous technology highlights the features of the client, leading to the evolution of web games into a Shanzhai industry". web game market itself is also facing fierce competition. As the new forces continue to join, many of the more successful game products are also facing the problem of shrinking players and reducing income. Deputy director of a web game platform said: "today’s web game market seems very low in the outside world, but blind access will be abandoned by users.". The launch of each product need promotion fees, fees, fees and expenses of artificial R & D investment, if the product can not occupy the market will lose everything with delisting. At present the trend to the client web game development, the main reason is SNS SNS with unprovoked, "steal food" "fishing" Community Games holding office users, and facing the entry of the foreign enterprises. After the client game, web game folder in the middle development is really a dilemma." before the pursuers after the interception of as early as 07 years, the domestic web game market began to rise, web game […]