Public entrepreneurship to further promote entrepreneurship students entrepreneurship

now the whole society college student entrepreneurs and some of their entrepreneurial activities have attracted much attention, at the same time, now the country continues to hold some entrepreneurial nature of public welfare activities, in order to promote the college students entrepreneurship. with entrepreneurship development tide continues to promote college students’ Entrepreneurship more attention, has […]

Sanmenxia further formation of entrepreneurship, innovation and excellence in the realm of the situa

innovation and entrepreneurship in Sanmenxia atmosphere is more and more intense, in 2016 is a brave when the transformation and development demonstration zone. Have a good entrepreneurial environment, stimulate people’s entrepreneurial passion is to improve the quality of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial needs of people to know how to seize the opportunity. 3 15, deputy secretary of […]

Holidays do jewelry promotion 3 coup

holiday is very important for the industry has been the sales season, for the jewelry industry is now, and now the jewelry industry is in a rapid development trend. You want to own interests more, should take into account the contribution to the business income of the holidays, businesses are thinking about how to make […]