Vertical electricity supplier but also through the SEO kill a way out

current electricity supplier rampant era, Tmall, Taobao, Jingdong, Dangdang and so on these giant electricity supplier website, the products involved can basically meet the needs of the public. But, like a lot of vertical electricity supplier is still rapid growth, like the bamboo shoots after a spring rain, or a lot of people want to fight from the electricity supplier a crack in a cup of soup ! so the promotion of vertical electricity supplier is a very important issue, brand war is a long-term process. So many of the vertical electricity supplier promotion method is basically SNS and SEO and other methods to promote. Then the vertical electricity supplier but also by SEO "killed" in a way it next look at the current situation of electricity supplier seo. first: electricity supplier SEO ranking relative advantage is lower electricity supplier SEO is a way to save costs, but also need to pay the cost of time. This is believed to be recognized. So here is the main advantage of the performance of the search engine shows the results. according to the current use of search engine users habits, many users are through the search engine to obtain useful information for a majority, and through the search engine to find products and buy products is relatively low, mainly because many users to buy products first thought is of course that said in front of the giant electricity supplier website so. The search engine according to this characteristic, for keywords ranking is not the same. For example, users to search "Crocs" row in front of the website basically is to introduce "Crocs" information or pictures. The user search aimed to understand what is the Crocs or other information about the Crocs. This makes it easier for these users to click on these information websites, the search engine to promote the click algorithm. So ranked in the forefront of the electricity supplier site is rarely ranked, leading to the relative advantage of the electricity supplier SEO bottom. followed: vertical electricity supplier low trust when the user search keywords into a never heard of the brand website, the user first reaction is actually why I had never seen this website? Then think this site will not be deceptive? If users don’t trust that basically will turn off the site. This is not a drawback of the brand’s electricity supplier website ! analysis well, but also through the vertical electric SEO "kill" a way out? I think you can. Although the electricity supplier SEO ranking relative advantage is low, but can do website content services including product, customer service, customer service, gradually attract more users, improve the user site stickiness, these are good, believe that users love the site, search engine will also love. This slowly improve the electricity supplier SEO advantage is very likely. other aspects of trust can also be resolved slowly, vertical electricity supplier can do SEO at the same time with the brand marketing, advertising and promotion. Allow users to search […]

Taiwan to let Taobao tax last year, said the loss of NT $2 billion 500 million

August 10th news, according to Taiwan media reports, Taipei IRS in August 18th is expected to invite the business and accountant Uber, including apple, Agoda,, and other experts to study the business tax amendment fee, said the fastest next year will have to pay for cross-border electricity supplier. is reported that Taobao has not been invited to participate in the seminar, but the Taiwan authorities, the Ministry of Finance official said that once the passage of the future decree after the road, Taobao also need to pay taxes in accordance with the regulations. Ministry of Finance official pointed out that Taobao in 2015 in Taiwan revenue of up to 30 billion -500 billion yuan (about -106 billion yuan), but do not pay business tax. According to the business tax 5%, Taiwan authorities last year, the loss of tax may be as high as $2 billion 500 million nt. The officials asked the Taiwan authorities consider whether due to the substantial growth of cross-border electricity supplier in Taiwan’s sales tax exemption to adjust untimely. the official said, is expected by the end of September will be value added tax amendment to the "Executive Yuan", "Legislative Yuan" after the fastest next year will be on the road to Taiwan, the "Treasury" brought considerable income. as for the direction of the so-called business tax law, the Ministry of Finance official said it may refer to Japan and South Korea’s practice. At present, Japan’s practice is to require cross-border electricity supplier to do a written registration in Japan, and the appointment of tax agents as its docking unit; South Korea is the use of network registration system. It is not yet decided which way Taiwan will take, but the tax agency system will be more likely. After the draft, if in the Legislative Yuan three read through, the fastest next year can be implemented. According to billion state power network to understand, and for the establishment of a branch in Taiwan, but by the Alibaba in Taiwan as its branch office, and handle related matters. No branch, of course, will not be able to pay business tax. In addition, the Alibaba said the day before, is the platform model, does not have any of the goods, the transaction is completely completed by the seller and the buyer, so not only to Taobao online trading volume was calculated on the basis of tax. in fact, this is not the first time in Taiwan to discuss matters related to Taobao to pay business tax. As early as 2013, the Taiwan authorities set up a task force on this issue. 2015 Tmall eleven double the same day the turnover of the shocked again in Taiwan, Taobao tax matters are also put on the agenda again.

A spoiler group purchase market ICP, and Tencent website agreement

had previously launched and rapidly short line group purchase site Gaopeng, yesterday formally announced the establishment of the website, by the world’s largest group purchase website Groupon, the Tencent industry win fund and Yunfeng fund joint venture. Yunfeng fund is co founded by Yu Feng,, Shi Yuzhu, and other corporate PE fund. "we are still doing the preparatory work for the on-line friends group purchase business." CEO Ouyang cloud Gaopeng send internal messages that, within a month of employees has reached 300 people, but still intense preparation line. currently Gaopeng has begun to accept the user’s e-mail registration, formal group purchase service will be officially launched in March. however, it is worth noting that the previous page on-line under high ICP information registered in Beijing yesterday, on-line new page ICP registration has been changed to Shenzhen, and leave contact address is the location of the headquarters of Shenzhen Tencent. In addition, the "First Financial Daily" to provide the site for the record query Gaopeng / license number (ICP number) Guangdong B2-20100347, but failed to find in the letter relating to the registration information, the Department of public query system however, "Guangdong B2-20100347" with the Tencent’s game website ICP registration number consistent. Previously, Google has set up a joint venture with, and the common use of ICP registration number, with the operation of Google China website, then Google was caught in the "voices unlicensed operation", with a year after Google and joint venture company received a formal licence for ICP, was able to quell doubts. ICP card is a license to operate the site, according to the national "Internet management approach" provides that operating sites must apply for ICP card, or it belongs to illegal business. as of press time, Tencent and Groupon were not on this interpretation. yesterday, in the Shanghai 98 Creative Park Groupon office continues to interview, has not yet fully completed the renovation of office already overcrowded. headhunting company told reporters that the recruitment Gaopeng momentum is very aggressive, and now many headhunters have stopped Gaopeng recruitment business, the number of search for Gaopeng recruitment by roughly half, now less than ten. At that time, Groupon intends to increase the total number of Chinese people to 3000 people in the next 3 months. In the pursuit of speed, management confusion became the impression of A. number and proportion of funds are not good to disclose." Yunfeng fund official said, Yunfeng fund investment is out of good for this industry, the industry will certainly be a successful business. Yu Feng said that the business model does not need to buy inventory logistics, e-commerce than to make a lot of money to survive. But also for a large number of small and medium enterprises to provide a set of data, accurate, interactive, brand is equal to one of the marketing platform, the future will be more SNS (SOCIAL) >

Experts exposed the unspoken rules of the electricity supplier industry said sales data serious wate

Jingdong mall and Suning and Gome have announced price war made great success. Among them, Suning Appliance Victories: achieved the highest daily sales of nearly 300 million yuan, in December is expected to achieve the highest daily sales of 500 million yuan. for the electricity supplier sales data released, industry observers, Huaqiang North online vice president Gong Wenxiang published on the 21 point of view, the electricity supplier industry sales widespread flooding situation, is no exception. "According to the regulations, the electricity supplier announced sales need to play half off." He said that the current sales of electricity supplier is actually a single amount, and from the order to 50% turnover will be lost. actual sales need to hit half off electricity supplier price war gradually subsided, the parties involved in the beginning of the inventory marketing results. Jingdong mall, said only half a year in August 15th, a large appliance sales exceeded 200 million yuan, the whole day sales exceeded $350 million. also said that the implementation of the outstanding performance of the highest daily sales of nearly 300 million yuan. The United States claimed that 17 officially launched the National more than 1 thousand and 700 stores "break the net price action day than usual sales growth of more than 4 times compared to the overall growth of 415%. Gong Wenxiang pointed out that the actual sales volume of electricity supplier companies announced orders, in fact, nearly 50% of the final order will not be credited. Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing also said that as a result of the electricity supplier industry is the general evaluation criteria for sales, data fraud has become a common phenomenon in the industry. in the price war, Jingdong, Suning, Gome three parties have successfully captured the attention of consumers, passenger traffic increased significantly. executive vice president Li Bin introduced, in August 15th, site visits an increase of nearly 10 times. Baidu index also shows that during the price war, the three concerns increased significantly. flow and conversion closely linked, the electricity supplier industry is more valuable than the current conversion rate." Gong Wenxiang pointed out that foreign conversion rate is higher than 10%, the domestic Jingdong, Dangdang, Taobao to do the best, but the conversion rate is only 3%-5%, in addition to the several outside, the rest of the electricity conversion rate is only 3/1000, which is the reason why the electricity loss. Gong Wenxiang pointed out that the current domestic electricity supplier is in its early stages, the future conversion rate will gradually increase. Once the industry conversion rate reached 1%, the industry will achieve profitability, but at least 3-5 years. Suning marketing costs higher than the average level of he introduced electricity supplier marketing costs for sales of 10%-15%. The electricity supplier price war, in Gong Wenxiang seems to be a low-cost marketing activities. Jingdong marketing costs are very low, Jingdong mall chairman and CEO Liu Qiangdong said earlier, through micro-blog marketing, the company actually paid […]

YAHOO on Wednesday began to lay off thousands of employees will be affected

        Beijing on April 3rd news, according to foreign media reports, the technology blog BusinessInsider writer Hierro Jay · (Jay Yarow) on Monday said the author, according to sources, YAHOO will officially start on Wednesday will have thousands of layoffs, YAHOO employees will be affected in the current round of layoffs. said that YAHOO will begin to cut jobs in the United States on Wednesday, and began to lay off international business on Thursday. The layoffs are YAHOO CEO Scott · (Scott Thompson) on YAHOO’s part of a substantial restructuring strategy. Thompson had been in consultation with the company – Boston Consulting Group Inc (Boston Consulting Group) on layoffs to communicate. Near in Thompson as chief executive of YAHOO, has said Yahoo substantial restructuring. Restructuring will occur mainly in YAHOO’s larger product sector, as well as the business sector is not competitive. For example, the public relations department, marketing department, R & D department, the marginal business sector, as well as some poor performance of the regional sector. Thompson had hired a Boston consulting firm to help YAHOO develop growth strategies to determine the best way to recover YAHOO. said last week that YAHOO could lay off workers this week and thousands of employees will be cut off. In the following week, YAHOO is expected to announce a new restructuring plan. Thompson last week, YAHOO executives have convened a series of meetings to discuss the restructuring plan. After the discussion, the result is that YAHOO will take weight-loss measures to become a media and advertising business focus of the company, and the future will take a new plan, but the plan is not clear. The source pointed out that YAHOO has yet to finalize the restructuring plan. had news that YAHOO’s layoffs will be very deep, mainly to reduce the product, research and marketing staff, whose ultimate goal is to cut thousands of employees. YAHOO currently employs nearly 14 thousand people, plus the number of contract workers is much higher. It is reported that YAHOO layoffs will not be completed once, because Thompson and other executives are still trying to figure out how to peel the advertising technology sector approach, and may be stripped of the search business. Thompson has been with Microsoft qualified Google to discuss the matter, but there are other possibilities. The total number of employees in the above YAHOO department is about 2500, which of these employees will be laid off is unknown. YAHOO new company structure has not yet been determined, but there is news that the most likely is that YAHOO will be a global media department and a number of sales department is committed to the global and regional composition, the global media department will accommodate the YAHOO search business and communication. In addition, the restructuring of YAHOO may also have a smaller future innovation sector, the number of employees is about 5>

Open shop how to find sources to join Taobao how to prevent being cheated

want to do Taobao, but no experience, no source, do not know how to do the operation for novice sellers, supply is a major problem. There is no source of experience is still shallow, they had to choose agency distribution, can save time and effort. For novice sellers, this is indeed a good choice, but there is a risk of being cheated. The following Xiaobian compiled some common tricks case, I hope you can find the agent when treated with caution. At the same time. Small will also introduce some reliable sources for open shop novice choice! Well, to the point.   : a cautious pay franchise fee "," deposit "and" down payment "for [event playback] Mr. Lee recently signed a contract with Taobao, the deposit is 1880. Second days after signing the contract. Because you want to go to work so the other can arrange night guidance about the store during the day, but after that he just sent a message to engage in the real name authentication, what else do not teach, now the real name authentication is done, the other is not people, the other QQ is not online, send text messages to each other in the past is not reply.   [ ] anti cheat reminderAll of ‘s online consignment whether "fee", "deposit" and "down payment" if Alipay payment process, are not subject to Taobao protection, first of all to avoid as far as possible, must be on partners sufficient investigation and risk analysis before the pay out cannot but, once paid, the initiative in the the other hand. two: do not use a bank card. Alipay direct transfer to each other [event playback] Mr. Wang on the Internet to find a claim to be XX. The other said. After joining the contract, and will send the number of decoration template. Within a few days can pay for itself. Listen to Mr. Wang was very excited. And I heard that the other party is a company, but also signed a contract, feeling very formal second days to go to the bank to the other. In remittance remittance, the bank staff said that the other party may be a liar, please think twice. But Mr. Wang decided to transfer. Results. After remittance not contact each other. .   [ ] anti cheat reminderA lot of online. The contract is not protected by law, do not believe it. No matter how well each other. How tempting. As long as you are on the Giro. Don’t believe it. Taobao trading is the most secure ! three: alert network proxy site a scam [event playback] just opened a Taobao shop near Zhang received a prosperous send a message: "friend, I see you shop is good, we are a professional XX supplier.

Open O2O open LBS+ high de self!

recently in High German Internet market is very active, dare to fully trust the Ali company of High German was transformed from the UC boss Yu Yongfu make snap. It now appears that Yu Yongfu give up O2O focus on the strategic adjustment of LBS is really to let High German has a sense of the Internet Co and functions. Once lost High German seems to finally find the self. LBS+O2O was once regarded as the golden combination of mobile Internet era started from the second half of 2011, two of the hottest time of the market concept is the "sign" and "group purchase", and these two concepts appear at the same time, the market has brought an infinite space, the combination of LBS+O2O began to spread, and grow strong, until the second half of last year, a for the LBS+O2O integrated prospect voices began to spread, the strongest topic is Gould’s previous adhere to the "LBS+O2O" development direction. after Yu Yongfu took office to re-examine the strategic value of the High German O2O, finally decided to give up self drive commercial O2O to return map service itself, focusing on the LBS exploration, and the O2O part is by the partners to complete. Recently, the High German LBS+ announced the establishment of an open platform and took the lead in introducing China auto rental under the car, car, car and other services, is a direct proof of Yu Yongfu in the High German development strategy on look far ahead from a high plane. , that is to say, High German didn’t really give up O2O, but choose to retreat strategy, its attention to this piece of data in LBS, on the LBS+ platform in the form of attract more rich mobile Internet formats including O2O partners. External forces to expand their market influence, the actual effect of doing so much better than their own O2O market development is not practical. Facts have proved that, after more than a year of High German attempt on O2O is not successful, focusing on its own strengths LBS is the best position for the development of High German O2O. High German exit direct market competition, does not negate the market potential of LBS+O2O, but that the market is more mature and rational, LBS+O2O still have market potential, but not so easy to talk about things. The combination of LBS+O2O focus on the role of O2O LBS is limited to also, in today’s market, the combination of LBS+O2O in more focused on O2O, LBS’s O2O service tool, Baidu, or comment on it, these continue to adhere to the LBS+O2O enterprise, they focus on O2O. is Baidu’s most important business line search is based on is the direct number, glutinous rice, Baidu maps and other O2O projects, which is in fact a map (Baidu) to provide LBS support for the O2O business, Baidu really want is mobile search information generated by the demand for ">

Financing collection 10 simple steps to help you smooth start-up financing

don’t you want the world to be able to tell you a formula that is bound to succeed in financing ? of course there is no such thing in the world, but there are at least a few ways to make it difficult for you to finance it. We can make it a goal that can be achieved. So ask yourself, how are you going to finance it? How many steps are there to implement it? The core of financing is to convince investors that your story is willing to "buy" your point of view, and ultimately support your management team. I’m going to talk about a specific plan to make your dreams come true. 1 creates a winning strategy I have said this many times, but I still have to pay more attention to the implementation of a clear target financing model. What is the meaning of this sentence? If you are prepared to meet investors and raise money, you will be able to determine the firm’s "clear goals": how much money you need to raise at a given time. Then you will greatly improve the success probability of financing. I also have some relatively convincing examples that can be learned and set up by the specific enterprise "objectives". (by the way, this largely depends on your business type and stage of development, can not be generalized. Here are the elements that need to be considered when setting financing goals: minimum customer number • minimum number of users user participation • financial indicators such as income and cash flow product production date 2 think about what type of investment you really need, and what kind of price will you pay for it? think about your options, and then make a cost-benefit analysis of each choice. if you don’t understand the difference between investors, so for the company, it is difficult to distinguish the types of assets and the pros and cons. For some of the core elements that allow us to make judgments, it is possible that the convertible notes from investors or venture capitalists, or the amount of information assets. to get information about the amount of assets, you need to consider the pricing of Equity: the company’s shares sold at a fixed price after valuation. with convertible notes, when you convert the loan into a bill format, it will be based on the price of the notes converted into some collateral assets. There are two obvious advantages of this conversion model: – value – added notes are much faster and more cost – effective than seasoned equity offerings. The reason is simple, you and investors can talk about some of the complex terms of equity, the corresponding file flow will be less, do not have to do so much legal work. – the bill automatically converted into equity with the equity financing diluted theory here also allows entrepreneurs and >

Su ningyun is how to fully embrace the Internet.

In July 4th mobile Internet Innovation Conference, Su ningyun vice chairman Sun Weimin made a line of enterprise how to embrace the Internet speech, the speech is very much to afford Mr. Sun dry cargo, a night train trip. This is the second time I listen to Mr. Sun’s speech, the last is at the end of March Analysys electricity supplier conference, his share is the transformation process of the traditional enterprise, then talked about the Internet thinking and the challenges of the mobile Internet, and this speech has been the transformation of Su ningyun as example to analysis, this is the dry cargo source. 2013 China Federation released the national top five hundred private enterprises in the list, Su ningyun ranked first, I think the five hundred strong rating is a comprehensive analysis over purely financial figures. The performance of Suning now does not have the public expect good, but in the transformation and upgrading of the exploration of Suning is obvious to people, and is very successful, but is not obvious, no wonder Mr. Sun to marriage has no children as ridicule Su Ning, there is a question of time. don’t not much Syria, I have to share today is Su ningyun on line chains is how to fully embrace the Internet this topic, thank Sun Zong for sharing, let my readers to a more comprehensive understanding of Su Ningyun’s. O2O on Su ningyun source O2O in the United States the development of electronic commerce for about 15 years was put out in 2010, the United States online shopping has not yet reached 10%, the social retail goods have reached 10%, there are no obstacles in the environment of Internet, network infrastructure, network payment and merchant network situation, why American Internet sales have been not exceed 10%? While the rest of the Internet has not been the 90% line of business is how to develop, and what is the future of ? since the electricity supplier is very popular, can put the rest of the 90% business to line up? This is obviously not reliable, but the emphasis on business model the United States accounted for only 10% of the electricity supplier business situation is very harmonious, which means its moved to 90% business lines, but also consider how to to this part of the line transformation of the Internet based on the original mountain. For China’s electricity supplier in terms of 50% of the line to move to the online business is entirely possible, but there are still under the line of business in the next line of business should be how to do 50%, which is the source of Suning O2O ideas. how to transplant the Internet to the store want to transplant to the Internet store, the first thing to do is to format the transformation across the store, Su ningyun think to do the work of four: 1, to the store for wireless coverage overall, the necessity of WIFI is to specify "free WIFI" […]

Look from Ali 3 trillion, electricity supplier boundaries and future

March 21st, Hangzhou, Xixi lake, more than and 200 media to witness the Alibaba’s fiscal year 2016 electricity supplier turnover reached a historic amount of $3 trillion. This means that Alibaba in fiscal year (April 1, 2015 ~ March 31, 2016) is expected to surpass WAL-MART, the world’s largest retail platform. 3 trillion behind the meaning of extraordinary is reported that this is the three Taobao, Tmall and Juhuasuan’s top 3 trillion businesses, the joint efforts of the 10 million active businesses and active buyers of 407 million. 3 trillion can be said to be a milestone in the results, it is necessary to know the global retail giant WAL-MART reached this figure took 54 years, while the Alibaba has only experienced a period of 13 years.   of course, the significance of the number 3 trillion is far more than this. 1/10, this is accounted for in 2015 the proportion of China’s total retail consumption of social goods, which is behind the huge contribution of Ali to the entire social economy of China, the 3 trillion. The reason why Ali can in a short span of over 3 trillion years to produce such amazing GMV transcripts, largely thanks to the electricity supplier demographic dividend and traditional businesses embrace the trend of the Internet transformation. Ecological Ali, has provided more than 15 million direct employment opportunities for the community, including Taobao, Tmall online shop platform to provide employment opportunities for about 11000000, electricity supplier logistics jobs about 2000000 (of which only with rookie network collaboration courier amounted to 1 million 700 thousand), including service providers, such as Ali Amoy girl the ecological "new species" jobs. this number is only the beginning of despite the slowdown in economic growth in a short period of time, but China will continue to maintain the engine of global economic growth status, the electricity supplier is one of the important elements are pulling the Chinese economy to usher in a new round of revolution, and Ali, as the leading electricity supplier Chinese naturally become the fire front. mobile market, rural markets and the international market may be the future of Ali electricity supplier. With the outbreak of the mobile Internet, Ali through building logistics, finance, cloud computing and other business infrastructure, through Taobao wireless, Tmall transform business entity, has been absorbed in the mobile Internet era of demographic dividend. A large number of rural population has not been involved in both ends of the electricity supplier industry, which means that the potential development of rural Taobao can be expected. The huge imagination of the international market, but also allow electricity providers began to seek the road to the sea.   in the entire Chinese market, accounting for 3 trillion of the total retail sales of social commodities, which means that there are as many as 90% of the market and the Internet has nothing to do with the. Ali CEO Zhang Yong seems that this is precisely the transformation of the line under the Tmall […]

2015 online retail break accounted for 3 trillion and 800 billion of total social zero total of 12.8

[ ] January 19th news billion state power network, the National Bureau of statistics released data show that total retail sales of social consumer goods 300931 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10.7%; the national online retail sales 38773 yuan, up 33.3% over the previous year. According to 2015 billion state power network is understood that in December, total retail sales of social consumer goods 28635 yuan, representing a nominal increase of 11.1% (after deducting price factors, the actual growth of 10.7%, unless otherwise specified below are nominal growth). Among them, the limit of more than 15367 yuan retail sales of consumer goods, an increase of 8.6%.   addition, the national online retail sales of 38773 yuan, an increase of 33.3% over the previous year. Among them, the physical goods online retail sales 32424 yuan, an increase of 31.6%; non physical goods online retail sales of $634 billion 900 million, an increase of 42.4%. In the physical goods online retail sales, food, wear and use of goods increased by 40.8%, respectively, 21.4% and 36%. according to the location of the operating units, in December, the city’s retail sales of consumer goods 24566 yuan, an increase of 10.9%; rural consumer goods retail sales of $406 billion 900 million, an increase of 12%. In 2015, the total retail sales of consumer goods in urban areas was 258999 yuan, an increase of 10.5% over the previous year, and the retail sales of rural consumer goods reached $41932, an increase of 11.8%. according to the type of consumption, in December, food and beverage revenue 303 billion yuan, an increase of 11.2%, retail sales of $25605, an increase of 11%. 2015 full year, food and beverage revenue 32310 yuan, an increase of 11.7% over the previous year, retail sales of $268621, an increase of 10.6%. in the retail, in December, more than 14484 units of retail sales of goods, an increase of 8.8%. 2015 full year, more than 133891 units of retail sales of goods, an increase of 7.9% over the previous year.

2008 China’s domain name market size will reach 720 million

Information plays a very important role in people’s life, and the way to obtain information is through the traditional media (such as newspapers, magazines, books, etc.). Starting from the traditional media to collect information time-consuming and laborious, but also to collect information is very limited, through the network media to collect information to solve this problem. Turning to the network will have to relate to the domain name, the market size of the domain name can reflect the level of a country’s information. iResearch iResearch recently released "2006 Chinese domain hosting Research Report" shows that in 2006 the China domain name market size 410 million, an increase of 2005 over the current number of 32.3%. Chinese domain is 41 billion 200 million, the number of China enterprises has exceeded 30 million, Chinese domain name market will further expand the scale of the future, is expected to 2008 China the domain name market can reach 720 million yuan. In the 3 years after 2006, China’s domain name market will maintain a growth rate of about 32%, showing a rapid growth trend.

WAL-MART calls the Chinese seller to set up shop this sincerity you give

"if you have a good product, cost-effective products, very welcome to be able to settle down to WAL-MART." August 30th, about 600 people in the scale of cross-border electricity supplier held by ChannelAdvisor Chang Road Sales summit, WAL-MART business platform business development director Tri Huynh said to the Chinese sellers here. This is the WAL-MART extremely rare to Chinese sellers "propaganda". Prior to this, although WAL-MART has third party seller platform, but the introduction of Chinese sellers is not active. was a turning point in April this year, WAL-MART announced Chinese cross-border electricity providers ChannelAdvisor Chang Lu Pin partnership, which can help China merchants settled WAL-MART shop. Since then, WAL-MART began to accelerate the pace of investment in china. electricity supplier business was Amazon rolling, WAL-MART finally awakened ? as the U.S. retail industry leader, WAL-MART’s dominance is being robbed by amazon. Public data shows, the annual income of 480 billion yuan in 2015 WAL-MART, Amazon is close to 90 billion, the gap is very obvious, but the business electricity supplier, WAL-MART electricity supplier revenue of only $1 billion 200 million, less than the level of the Amazon in 2007. and the number of third party sellers from the electricity supplier platform point of view, WAL-MART is a big cut off the amazon. Data show that as of July 2016, WAL-MART business platform for a total of about 550 third party sellers, while Amazon has nearly 200 million third party sellers, the number of goods provided by nearly 365 million, greatly exceeded the number of goods on the platform of WAL-MART. WAL-MART has repeatedly revealed the intention to expand the seller. According to media reports, the current WAL-MART platform provides about 11 million kinds of products, and WAL-MART plans to add about 1 million new products to the platform every month. seller although less, but also do not make Although the third party platform sellers rarely, but from the WAL-MART investment point of view, the seller is not "anything", instead of a higher threshold than other, more stringent audit platform. According billion state power network understanding, this investment is not for all WAL-MART China export sellers open, still by invitation system. in addition, the current WAL-MART to accept a third party seller takes about six weeks, while Amazon and eBay only need one day. according to the information provided by Tri Huynh to Chinese sellers, at present, WAL-MART settled for the seller has 5 basic criteria: 1, sales of electronics, clothing, home, sports and other categories of sellers; 2, there must be the United States Tariff, mature sellers have experience in each platform; 3, in the United States has overseas warehouse, a good after-sales service and logistics distribution, can provide a good customer experience;

How to rebuild the micro business Mobile social electricity supplier as well as everyone electricity

lead: derivative to rebirth? from the heady to a serious decline in performance, through the micro business big reshuffle after the next opportunity in July 22nd, Hangzhou Railway Station? Weimob Day and the second session of the forum’s Micro micro into Hangzhou, to "micro business reconstruction" as the theme, micro founder and CEO Sun Tao Yong China invited three micro community and business leaders – founder Gong Wenxiang, Kuang Kuang Fuhui founder and bear would founder, vice president of public relations Zong Ning micro electric shock may, explore the direction of development of micro business predicament under. micro providers is the traditional electricity supplier rebirth of the road 2015, micro business has become the most popular industry. Not only Suning, Gome and other traditional companies have entered the field of micro business, Ma Huateng in March to the micro business to give full recognition, even Ali also launched in April "Amoy shop" to seize the derivative market. Derivative industry be raging like a storm, but from the beginning of May, micro business suffered winter, various micro brand performance decline, the team split to the micro District, like a raging fire poured a pot of cold water. has always believed that 2015 is the first year of the business micro micro founder and CEO Sun Taoyong believes that the second half of the micro business is just beginning, it will be wonderful but not flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, bloom! Derivative will guide the future business forms, to the sales channel mode will gradually become the mainstream. "We can take the derivative as" Internet plus direct ", this model shortens the link between producers and consumers, fast communication and organizational management using social media and the Internet platform."   founder and CEO Taoyong sun micro Sun Taoyong said that the traditional electricity supplier ten years of gold is coming to an end, to mobile social electricity supplier as the representative of the electricity supplier has come to the era of the 3, while the micro providers will be the most mainstream form of mobile social electricity supplier. Micro business is the rebirth of the traditional electricity supplier, with millet thinking to do the product, with micro business model to do marketing, is the next step in the traditional electricity supplier. Now, micro business team in addition to good service and interaction, how to make full use of micro V shop platform for full channel promotion, is the future trend of micro business. micro developers need to develop standardized platform to support from happy network to micro-blog, and then to WeChat, social networks from Web to mobile terminal, the product iteration cycle is also getting shorter. Circle of friends is scraper sellers criticized, micro business has bid farewell to more money to fast money profits "selling mask" era. is known as the first cosmetics brand marketing Fuhui founder Kuang Kuang Fang pointed out that WeChat friends activity in the drop is now facing the cruel fact that micro business, but it […]

Electricity supplier price war who will be the next electricity supplier giant

from the initial Jingdong mall Suning Appliance provocation, Suning Appliance tough response, an electricity supplier price war began. Jingdong, Suning, Gome "War Within Three Kingdoms" – the electricity supplier war in the national home appliance industry stirred up a small storm, half a month later, seeing the price from the high-profile stand great in strength and impetus to pinch dormant, seems to have stalled. However, Tencent suddenly announced a high-profile, Tencent injected $1 billion to set up electricity supplier holding company, a large scale into the electricity supplier industry. Let the electricity supplier is about to extinguish the flames of war to burn up again. In this increasingly fierce electricity supplier war, we may think more, the next electricity supplier giant who will be ? both in the Cold War era, and now the Internet era, any battle is to have long, Gongrenzhiduan. Let us take a look at Jingdong, Suning and Tencent have their own advantages. Jingdong mall Jingdong mall from the e-commerce company in talent shows itself because of user experience, adhere to the quality, price, service, including these three items. From last 2004 to this year, seven years, the Jingdong annual products have expanded the mall, there have been no fake and smuggled goods, none at all. Over the past seven years Jingdong mall has maintained the price advantage. Some time ago, the media reported that Jingdong mall price advantage is not, forty percent of the price is not the lowest, but the price of a company is the lowest of the sixty percent. Compared with traditional stores, Jingdong mall sales of products to be much cheaper, an average of about 20%. The reason is very simple, and the traditional e-commerce online and offline business model is different, Jingdong mall no store, which brings the benefits of lower operating costs. On the service, Jingdong should also be the first to see the importance of logistics for China’s e-commerce companies, Jingdong is the only one did not take a lot of money to advertise, but do logistics. Logistics is the advantage of Suning appliance. Although the Jingdong mall in early realize the impact of logistics on the China e-commerce industry, but obviously in logistics, Suning has inherent advantages, can provide the experience or entity store delivery, can also participate in the distribution of physical stores exist, can let users feel more trust; at the same time, Suning stores in the country layout, means that it is in compliance with the national logistics system and the layout of the warehouse, and the Jingdong as an online mall, can not build more than Suning logistics center. Like Jingdong, Amazon and other B2C companies, usually only in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, the establishment of the three major logistics centers, in order to distribute the radiation based on the three points. can make use of the store Suning Appliance in all parts of the country as a logistics distribution center, logistics advantages have richly endowed by nature. Tencent easion is a […]

2015 electricity supplier did not flow very large market

(original title: 2015 ten major electricity supplier inventory: no flow we are very sad) text / Li Chengdong recently visited a number of electricity supplier friends, mainly Jingdong,, Dangdang executives. Several times in the two market investors this year to participate in activities, more clearly said an obvious trend in the industry: large and small electricity providers are encountering traffic bottlenecks, increasingly difficult to maintain rapid growth. Ali lack of traffic, vertical giant only product convergence is also missing the flow of the United States, large and small vertical electricity supplier financing is also looking for effective flow everywhere, Ali Jingdong POP sellers also lack of flow, where the effective flow of ? inventory one: China’s electricity supplier to bid farewell to the ultra-high growth period is the first rapid decline in the online shopping population dividend, Jingdong 150 million active users as well as the opportunity to double, but Ali’s double the purchase of 400 million users is difficult to turn, Ali can only count on the overseas market. Open up new users, channel sinking rural market is also very important, this in the back reading. No traffic, Suning to take refuge in Ali, millet also had to compromise embrace Jingdong. followed by the macroeconomic downturn, the stock market plummeted, declining purchasing power, consumption tends to be cautious. Impulsive consumer categories, women’s consumer goods, as well as large consumption is directly affected. Specifically, Ali and are directly affected, including Jingdong large appliances category 3C. three players more capital crazy, the stock market competition intensified user. Jingdong grab Ali users, the major vertical maternal and child electricity supplier also robbed Jingdong mother and child. Last week saw a child for a dozen years, big brother, said in 2015 the maternal and child category are playing into the negative margin, Kao container to price 120 yuan, electricity price hit 100, selling more thanks to the more, also sell. Do not look at the valuation of a higher than one, in fact, a difficult than a living. Kidnapped by the capital, is not something to be proud of. : fresh inventory of two most game player destined to become cannon fodder main fresh electricity supplier players, from 2012 began to contact, there are still a lot of good friends. Whether it is B2C or O2O, or B2B, but can not say the 2015 heat is overdone! Most of the game player without fresh experience, can not control the upstream supply chain, have no fixed positions with experience, cost is very high giant drainage. There is a fresh opportunity, but most game player in 2015 is destined to become the industry that the front flow East fodder! Beans, delicacy under the kitchen, as well as the construction of the city social logistics Jingdong at home, as well as leveraging traditional fresh stores as a pre bin love fresh bee is the big winner in this category. inventory three: mothers and children do not ignore the presence of Jingdong There are […]

Found a strange little secret

chat with friends today, accidentally discovered that a domain name in my QQ copy of the information with a strange symbol! more interesting: ( ) chats are as follows: MoYing chicken 00:32:46 casually sent to learn leans against the clouds to listen to the wind 00:32:52 leans against the clouds to listen to the wind 00:32:55 pointing MoYing chicken 00:33:05 ejaculation bar MoYing chicken 00:33:36   MoYing chicken 00:33:47 strange, I copy paste more than a symbol leans against the clouds to listen to the wind 00:34:23 you have a lot of imagination. MoYing chicken 00:43:18 strange MoYing chicken 00:43:28 this symbol is only your website will appear? MoYing chicken 00:43:36 MoYing chicken 00:43:42 sent these two addresses back to me, leans against the clouds to listen to the wind 00:43:52 leans against the clouds to listen to the wind 00:44:00 no ah leans against the clouds to listen to the wind 00:44:09 MoYing chicken 00:51:36 Id=109 leans against the clouds to listen to the wind 00:55:29 leans against the clouds to listen to the wind 00:55:46 MoYing chicken 00:5>

Go hand in hand with the city traffic deep Wowo group purchase stores

market cooperation with Wo Wo Group has opened a new chapter of the group purchase group purchase business market, Wo Wo Group rely on to provide talent shows itself the traditional service industry, and give up the market to snatch group purchase plan to focus back to the classification of information, and to create a short rental business. But the group purchase is the essential business for classified information website, so go to the market and our cooperation is a win-win move. Classification information website needs to dig "city traffic" value, and may be the first line of group purchase website super stores to seek cooperation. (text / Wang Liyang) hand Wo Wo Group win-win move cooperation with Wo Wo Group opened a new group purchase group purchase business situation, is necessary for classified information website, but is not the focus of business, Ganji choose Wo Wo Group cooperation is a win-win cooperation. Ganji is classified information website, service in various city Internet users, while Wo Wo Group is a service to every city to the next line of business as the main business, so Wo Wo Group in each city of service businesses and in various city service users is the combination of complementary cooperation. classified information website should dig the "city traffic" value once wrote suggestions for classified information website Wo Wo Group stores, but now Ganji choose to cooperate with Wo Wo Group, is also a good choice. Classified information website on all kinds of information, but also caused a flood of information phenomenon, and not focus on prominent website, at a glance what classification information of the web site, but when to find the information you need and feel not enough authority, which may be large and all the ills. Thought of classified information website with accurate "city traffic", the "city flow" into effect, but they have been unable to focus on the development of city value the depth of excavation, but Wo Wo Group dig out the city service industry value. Wo Wo Group has made a reputation in the service industry on the other group purchase group purchase website, follow up is also very difficult to overtake Wo Wo Group, but the other group purchase website can also find another way. online group buying site under the line super store I have to buy a group of operators to make recommendations, it is recommended to buy the site to find the line of super stores to seek cooperation in the city". WAL-MART, Carrefour, Metro and other super stores has been introduced to the field of electronic commerce, but there are many other RT mart, Lianhua, Wumart, such as Tesco hypermarkets in electricity market action is not large, maybe they think that the electricity supplier does not meet the development of their planning, but the electricity supplier is the trend, they do not engage in electricity providers may suffer sooner or later. It is precisely because they do not do electricity […]

Vegetables can be developed into the 020 mode

today I saw a very interesting news, let vegetables learn the Internet, or to kill the traditional vegetables? Probably read it, I saw a new term is 202, I think some webmaster for the 020 mode is not very understanding, but we are still very familiar with this type of site. For example, 58, handle network and so on, this is the first of the 020 mode. 020 English is Online To Offline, which is an online transaction, line service, the marketing effect can be monitored. So do 020 mode is not so easy, more difficult than open a shop. There are two kinds of products 020 models, like a public comment, for public comment, we are not unfamiliar, for example, we came to a strange place to eat, accommodation, we can open the, then we will choose consumption. Another product is a variety of buy, there are some stores discount coupons, and so on, these have common features, I hope there are more people to spend, so as to tap their own loyal customers! so this model is suitable for the vegetables industry? e-commerce development in recent China very rapidly, many industries have joined the electricity supplier in this industry, so we can buy many kinds of things on the Internet, I must admit that it has changed our life, but also bring us more convenient, do not go out to buy something you want to buy, but the electricity supplier for the traditional industry is a shock! But this is the emergence of new things really can completely replace ? if the vegetables added fresh electricity supplier industry, it is to learn the Internet or direct selling vegetables thoroughly the traditional vegetables destroyed? Fresh electricity supplier industry development is not very mature, this is a very slow industry, so that not easy success, in fact I think some industry is not very for in the online business, especially fresh vegetables, because this is a set of time, if the vegetables for the development of online vegetables company, the only electricity supplier vendors camouflage. There is also a possibility, but need to spend a lot of money to find a production base, logistics poly Road, set up outlets throughout the country, making it an industrial chain. If the vegetables into Taobao, then this is not the 020 mode, still did not change ! how to make vegetable become the 020 mode developed, it seems not so easy, in front of the are some very real problems, the 020 mode now, we may take longer, but as long as entrepreneurs based on the fresh market, then can be successful! this article by Module=view original, reproduced please keep the link, thank you!