How to describe the website optimization

1, maximum 76 words, words as not more than 76 words, the decision according to the index words search engine, website description about seize the center, instead of the tired.

7, a description of the contents of correlation, whether it is on the site of the title, keyword or description always and overall site content and location are closely related, has always been to the positioning of the site as the core of dot expansion.

4, describe not only attract, here I want to say that description does not want to bid, high CTR can achieve quality score, the quality of the website is through IP, PV and the bounce rate determined, if blindly through the magnificent description of improve click, the effect may be to let you down.

2, avoid keyword stuffing, highlighting the appropriate site keywords in the description is very necessary, this can better guide the search engine positioning website, but everything has a volume, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

description (description), a simple introduction is the site, can be displayed through the search engine search page, and the site title and called the appearance of the website.

?The internal quality of

6, describe the choice of symbol, without reference to the corresponding symbols in the description of how to use, how appropriate, recommend the use of conventional, some strange and eccentric symbols do not use, also said in front of the description not only attract. The word is more, in order to describe to show, with half symbol suggestions.

description set points for


5, position setting, set the primary and secondary keywords in the description of the position and the site keywords are closely related, more on the more important, you must set the title and keywords corresponding to position.

What is the description of

8, selective set described here as an added: not all pages of the site will be set up page description and keywords, we only need to some important page.

with the prominent role of desalination site title and website keywords, website description has played a tepid role, then the description to be important for

3, added extra words, when you grasp the word principle but still not in the title of the keywords you want to do can be fully displayed in the description and the type of keywords, which is fundamental in some website title and keywords in key word set a ranking of the reasons.

website (content and structure) is a key element of website ranking, and search engine of this one judgment is locked according to users’ footsteps, and through the search engine users to access the site mostly through the appearance of the website click on the title, and the same as the site of the facade of the description there is no doubt very important.

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