It was the A share first high share, today’s share price fell to 10.31 yuan, the controlling shareho

January 10, 2014 all pass education prospectus issued, at that time, Chen Chichang holding 20 million 666 thousand and 800 shares, the shareholding ratio of 31.89%; Lin Xiaoya holding 2 million 583 thousand and 300 shares, the shareholding ratio of 399%. After 2013 year, the 2014 annual capital reserve and Chen Chichang holdings, shares, Chen Chichang holds a full education 210 million shares, of which 171 million shares of restricted shares before starting, Lin Xiaoya holds 21 million 312 thousand and 200 shares, are starting to limit the sale of shares before.

market is changing rapidly, and commodity exchanges are time sensitive. Only by running can we know the market information and find out the time before we can make a profit.

looks down upon little Ben, wants to make a fat man, so he can never make a big fortune. Only from small to large, slowly Many a little make a mickle., step by step, and finally to climb the peak of wealth.

these three issues, but also very likely is the cause of your problem of business failure, especially now entrepreneurs 80/ 90 majority, but a few people who need to adjust attitude and attitude to face all the challenges of the unknown.

March 11, 2015, the general office of the State Council issued the "guidance" on the development of the public record space for promoting mass innovation and entrepreneurship, promote the deployment of innovative work of public business, public support, in terms of public services, financial support, financing mechanism.

3. blindly follows

company will urge Mr. Chen Chichang and Ms. Xiaoya actively cooperate with the work related to the investigation of regulators, and in strict accordance with the regulatory requirements to fulfill the obligation of information disclosure.

, the controlling shareholder of both companies have been investigated, whether it will become the last straw crushing all education?

but behind the hot market, some entrepreneurs are hot headed, and the direction of deviation is also worthy of vigilance. Many entrepreneurs do not really innovative, and there is no solid business to do support, "foot watermelon skin, where to slide where it is," is bound to tumble.


in February 13th this year, all inclusive education before the start of the restricted sale of shares lifted, of which Chen Chichang may be lifted shares of 51 million 741 thousand and 500 shares, Lin Xiaoya may ban 5 million 328 thousand and 100 shares. Three days prior to the expiration of the restricted shares, all inclusive education will be announced

arts high founder and CAO Cao Qitai said that entrepreneurship is not equal to open a company, you need to have a theme, a central idea, the mainstream value, first find these can start a business.

entrepreneurial team successfully team a close call, it is less and less. Entrepreneurship is not looks so simple, the industry is not so easy to be subversive, full of blood into unfamiliar industry entrepreneurs, often frustrated in the survival stage adaptation.


it pours, fears, the controlling shareholder of the company is to initiate an investigation, will become the last straw for all pass education? In addition, Chen Chichang also to the outside world focus on entrepreneurial story.

announcement, all inclusive education also said,

, Chen Chichang and Lin Xiaoya are the actual controllers of the all inclusive education, and the two are husband and wife. According to the all inclusive education in 2017 a quarterly, Chen Chichang holds 199 million shares, the shareholding ratio is 31.44%; Lin Xiaoya holds 16 million 362 thousand and 200 shares, the shareholding ratio is 2.58%.

2. inflexible

the evening of July 21st, was the first high priced shares of A shares through education "issued on the company’s controlling shareholder and consistent behavior received China Securities Regulatory Commission investigation notice announcement, announcement that the controlling shareholder of the company and its consistent behavior Lin Xiao Chen ya Note: two for the relationship between husband and wife on suspicion of information disclosure illegal, according to the relevant provisions of the" Securities Law "in People’s Republic of China, two people were China Commission investigation.


entrepreneurs are mostly concerned about policy issues, and want to settle down to the park where they have policy support, which is conducive to long-term development, but this is always a gray area. According to the industry long-standing, expert island and related cooperation government Park signed a unified agreement, get the best policy support without reservation all business enterprises, do not do any interception.

then you need to have a help, such as Shanghai cattle Island company registration service platform niurendao, Shanghai >

1. The

China finally ushered in the fourth wave of entrepreneurship, for now, China has more than 10000 companies registered every day, an average of 7 companies per minute will be born.

department to investigate the matter for Chen Chichang and lesser person, has nothing to do with the company, will not have a direct impact on the company’s daily operations, all the normal production and business activities of the company.

for them exactly because of what specific reasons, the Commission suspected of illegal disclosure of information, the current is not yet clear.

According to

strikingly, before the release of a quarterly this year, Chen Chichang and his wife Lin Xiaoya, respectively, had a reduction, 10 days before the time just pinch point express results released in 2016, after starting the original shares lifted.

always follow behind others, others say what is what to do with air, so never fail to seize the opportunities, others the benefits have ended, you do have little profit or nowhere. Only by capturing the market first can we win.

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