Microsoft will be increased or not all browsers support instant search

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according to the WinRumors website Tom Warren said, Microsoft will be the team is developing a HTML5 version of the site will be for the final version of the IE browser with the release of 9. HTML5 is a set of new website interactive elements of the standard, and the Flash Adobe is the standard of competition. Microsoft has become one of the main selling point of support for HTML5 IE 9. Apple, Google, Facebook and many other companies have support for HTML5.

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] San Francisco March 7th news, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft is planning a Bing search engine adding instant search function. However, unlike the Google instant search launched last September, will be the version of instant search may not run on all browsers.

Microsoft will release IE 9 and launch a public preview in Microsoft. Microsoft India team at micro-blog said the IE 9 release date is March 24th. However, the micro-blog will soon be deleted. IE 9 may in April at the Microsoft MIX conference released.

reports, HTML5 version of Bing search engine will include instant search, allowing users to view their search history smooth animation, suspended above the Windows navigation (so you don’t have to scroll back to the top of the page to visit other places) and provide some kinds of search and slide animation.

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