The old owners pay you how to optimize the B2C mall site type

            (three) the optimization of the picture.

            (two) improve the contents of the title.

              with the development of the Internet, many industries have to do website to promote their products, resulting in today’s network marketing, B2C and other industries so hot, and there are many smart businesses began to follow the example of Taobao, Jingdong the form to build a website, which in the mall site on-line product, promotion, so that users on the Internet can be purchased directly. But here the mall site only difficult point is how to have the traffic, so sure many people will think of doing promotion, but the promotion cost too much, so many owners have chosen their own Shanghai Longfeng optimization, but many webmaster do not know how to optimize mall website, then the author today to solve this problem and to share some experience, hope to help you master.

            (a) and the optimization of website template.

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