Walk between white hat and black hat [gray hat Shanghai Dragon Technology]

2, for the website chain, the establishment of Links

A: gray hat Shanghai dragon is equivalent to the effective white hat Shanghai dragon, white hat may be about 3 months or longer, but the black hat Shanghai dragon, likely to be K drop right greatly reduced. This is also a lot of Shanghai dragon ER frequently used Shanghai dragon technology.

my personal understanding is more than the white hat search engine optimization, more standardized than black hat called gray hat Shanghai dragon technology. Although he is in the middle, but for a search engine is the most secure.

3, the website keyword bold, or false original article

I use a word: all stand in the perspective of a search engine optimization belong to Shanghai dragon is white hat, white hat Shanghai dragon search engine technology to follow the guidelines of technology.

I believe a lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice, never heard the word [gray hat] Shanghai dragon? Because most of the Shanghai dragon ER in this line soon, all know the black hat and white hat Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon of the two words right? Well, nonsense not say, the weather is hot, have no time to talk nonsense since we know the gray cap of Shanghai Dragon technology, so we should know what it is

? What is the ? ? What is the

B: many of my friends have asked? The gray hat Shanghai dragon there is no harm? I said above, the black hat Shanghai dragon, right down K chance is small, that is to say that he is a risk. As for the white hat, his weakness is not stable in general, the white hat Shanghai dragon to do up the rankings, basic probability of falling is very small. The black hat for ranking effect is relative not so fast, if the industry is grey black hat Shanghai Dragon technology might have ranked in just a few days, and grey hat Shanghai dragon but unable to do so.

1, many novice often in Shanghai Longfeng website each layout so as to improve the site keywords, keyword density.

the so-called gray hat Shanghai dragon, refers to the middle ground between white hat and black hat, the white hat, will take some tricky way to operate, because such behavior is not illegal, but also do not follow the rules, is a gray area

gray hat Shanghai Longfeng advantages


then gray hat Shanghai dragon what he

from the above explanation we noticed two words one way and not illegal, so that our gray hat Shanghai Dragon technology is a very good way.


gray hat Shanghai dragon

according to the interpretation of Shanghai encyclopedia official love:

many friends want to faint, these are not what we often do? Yes, this is the gray hat Shanghai dragon, then what is the white hat Shanghai dragon

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