Love and cooperation between Shanghai and Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau will develop a ne

Zhu Guang, vice president of the Shanghai love scene said, love Shanghai is a technology driven company, has always wanted to change people through technical means, to connect people and things. But by the power of Shanghai love to safeguard the interests of Internet users is an utterly inadequate measure, so with the city of Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau cooperation to better serve the public. (Aruhan)

Party A Party B to support the independent development of enterprise credit management services, to promote the social capital of enterprise credit management mode of governance of the overall process.

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[TechWeb] October 12th News reported today, love Shanghai and Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau officially signed a cooperation agreement, under the agreement, Beijing City Administration for Industry and Commerce (hereinafter referred to as Party A), Beijing love Shanghai Netcom Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Party B) will cooperate in the implementation of enterprise credit management and application of a new type of vertical search engine technology.

application, the priority development of a new generation of "subject (e-commerce site) vertical search engine"; timely research "object (goods, services) vertical search engine"; choose R & D "behavior (illegal clues) vertical search engine; vertical search engine optimization operation.

vertical search engine

, a variety of products will access the Party A Party B. Party A Party B will help the network service product launch, the gradual release of Beijing enterprise exception list, and other enterprise credit management information.

love cooperation between Shanghai and Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau will develop a new generation of e-commerce site

The new technology of

, in addition to the content of cooperation, both parties can also in e-government, consumer protection rights and public services, in a planned and step-by-step manner to carry out specific cooperation.

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