How to make a reasonable website website ranking stable rising power

in the chain: the site within the chain is difficult to modify, relative title, inside the chain involves the collection of the entire site, can be said to modify the failure is a site of death come on, so the chain modifications must follow several principles, if you do not, then do not to move your site within the chain, 1 is in the chain can easily skip changes, such as before A/B/C, can not be directly modified for A/C; 2 is in the chain can not modify the modifications have been included in the chain link; 3 is modified to delete too many links, generally 5 branches of a standard.

Title: current state change of a web site is not an easy thing, if you want to modify the title of a web site, then you should follow three principles, 1 is the title words also reduced by modification; 2 is the title changes less also; 3 is to modify the title can not be divorced from the previous the title, if you can not do this, then don’t just move your site title, otherwise it is too late.

Many webmaster friends heard the

website this place feel a headache, want to change and worry about the site search engine drop right. In fact, the site reasonable revision not only will not affect the site’s ranking, it will let the website search engine to give the new approval, the weight of the website, the website combined with my own experience to talk about how to make a reasonable website, website ranking rising power. A website must meet several factors before the revision, if the elements are not able to meet, so don’t revision of the website. The 1 is whether the site snapshot stalled for more than 15 days, the 2 is whether the site is included in this article are declining, the 3 is the site of the long time does not change the ranking. If your website is one of the three cases, it can be revised on the site, or don’t do anything. The following specific talk about how the site reasonable revision.

station in what place revision of the website, it is very important to modify the title of the site is the chain or web page or web site, these need to clarify ideas. If your website is a snapshot of a problem, then modify the title of the site is the best solution, if your site is included in the chain problems, then on the website of the revision is a good way to solve, if your website is ranking problem, so the website comprehensive modification is necessary, according to the different sites on the site for different revision is the webmaster must determine the line of thinking, or a careless loser.

page: Web pages and the user experience are closely related, because many web page and did not get the user’s attention, therefore modify the page of the website is a necessary thing, but the page well and the code has a direct relationship, fundamentally modification is to modify the website page generation >

two, identify the revision method, do not blindly revision

, a sort of revision of ideas, determine the direction of revision

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