The search engine is the key to the cognitive degree of website optimization

1, the search engine overall cognitive

4, the chain chain =

positioning, core keywords users find the word is the site of the ninety percent, can bring the flow of words. Each set of "should be more or less secondary key words, such targeted layout, is your site keywords ranking is highlighted. Determine the core keywords will determine the basic framework of the website, then page description of the core keywords and auxiliary words are to be included as a search engine, so as to show the user. Analysis of the core keywords with commonly used tools, love Shanghai index.

content is king Theory: the website content is the key to a website, in your page is not beautiful, navigation is not clear, but the content of the website is the main catch, catch the main users, to seize the user you can grasp the traffic and revenue.

search engine to a keyword index classification, to capture it in the database of permutation and combination. Keywords is the core of a website, if it is determined that the core, then your website structure, website content to around this core, easy search engine recognition, user search.

2, cognitive

search ranking has several important aspects: on the website structure, website design, website content, internal and external links, user experience. These are the search engine to determine the basic aspects of the site, but also the user to determine several key sites, that is to say each link site, we have to treat their children as treatment site. The combination of these factors, is the site of the so-called weight, improve your weight, ranking the search engine will give you good.

3, page optimization

website internal link is very important to obtain the website ranking, the ranking, the more accurate link. The link is website and network >

Keywords The

stage is the largest civilian network search engine, web site traffic website also included most sources of search engine. So the search engine has become a platform for users to obtain information, how to make good use of this platform, Shanghai dragon er must understand the search engine, can improve the site’s traffic increase website income.

search engine is the most important place in the title of the page, if not your keywords page, no description does not matter, as long as there is title, then the search engine on the understanding of this page. The content of the page, not only to the user, but also to the search engine, try to combine your keywords and content, the principle of choosing keywords on the left. When necessary, the keyword or keyword plus links to optimize. Has established the core keywords and auxiliary words, so I can link to the page keywords, consideration is rich in content, so as to improve the weight of a single page. The weight of a single page to improve the overall weight, help to improve the website.


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