WeChat’s original reading number of 800 thousand, elephant guild is so operating the public number

  note: today (January 11th) morning, circle of friends was the father of WeChat "Zhang Xiaolong’s first public speech scraper. He did not let us down, first announced WeChat will launch the "application number" important news, and then share the WeChat four values, immediately in the circle of friends bombing, all kinds of admiration, worship, […]

Talking about what is network marketing

attended the network marketing institute training last year, completed 4 months of online marketing learning, stay in the Network Marketing Institute work. However, I still can not say what is the concept of network marketing. If you want me to me now, I really can not accurately express and let everyone listening! Do not know, […]

The diversionary trick to get rich

In , we have heard the word, know what it means, is the art of war, in common, often the word, as the saying goes, shopping malls such as the battlefield, the method commonly used in business field whether soldiers can use? May wish to understand. diversion is East West, which is made from illusion, […]