It was the A share first high share, today’s share price fell to 10.31 yuan, the controlling shareho

January 10, 2014 all pass education prospectus issued, at that time, Chen Chichang holding 20 million 666 thousand and 800 shares, the shareholding ratio of 31.89%; Lin Xiaoya holding 2 million 583 thousand and 300 shares, the shareholding ratio of 399%. After 2013 year, the 2014 annual capital reserve and Chen Chichang holdings, shares, Chen […]

Site traffic is the lifeblood of Web Operations

no traffic to the website is a failure, not that the production site failed, but the website operation failed, the site itself has no meaning, depending on the operation of the website becomes meaningful, like Liaocheng network company Jean imagination has analyzed the real meaning of "the operation of enterprise website construction". The embodiment of […]

Soft taboo, read you will

1, avoid friends, I don’t know usually soft writer will do in-depth research on the product to speak, this is indeed an important factor to write true to life, vivid good soft, but often ignore another important factor — Study of the market situation. Should grasp the hot market, seize the target audience, what is […]

Hot pot franchise tips

now the development of the food and beverage market is becoming more and more popular, especially the hot pot market, because the hot pot is now very good prospects for development, it will attract more and more venture capital to join. But there are a lot of entrepreneurs are new, and there is no shop […]